Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Overwhelmed Generation

Yesterday was one of those out of the ordinary days for us. Nice to have once in awhile especially if it is a pleasant out of the ordinary day! We had to go into town, as bill paying seems to demand that. We actually timed ourselves from home to the beginning of town being the Video Junction. Just under 2 hours. Not many logging trucks and roads were great going in. Dry and bare. That is nice.That is going the speed limit one could make it in an hour and a half without too much trouble.
Got to visit for a bit with our second oldest son and his fun family. The children were full of things for us to look at, see and watch! Just brimming with enthusiasm and energy. They ran around the house, jumped over the wooden sto
ol. Showed me books they have been reading, drawings they have done. Told stories of things they been doing etc. Oh fun. Our son's wife made a beautiful big salad that we all sat down to and gobbled right up. Poor girl it was huge and not much leftover.
We did our town things and headed home. The wind started blowing in town. On the way home a few times we thought we were going to be blown off the road. Made it to oldest son's place and his wife had supper made so altho
ugh we had plans for our supper when we got home we stayed and ate there. Which in the end was a good thing seeing as when we did get home the power was out and had been for some time. It came back on before midnight.
The wind howled and huffed and puffed all night. Sucked our bedroom window wide open and almost off the hinges. Sucked the big kitchen window open too so was a little chilly in here when I got up at 5.
All is well and the
kitchen is warmed right up now.
On our way hom
e from oldest son's we were listening to the radio. Do you realize how many different titles this point in time has and this particular generation has? ~~The risk generation, the age of persuasion generation, the ungrateful generation, the age of the great recession (we are always in a recession so not sure if it makes any difference to us or not) My dear Dennis goes they should call it the Overwhelmed Generation. It is coming at one from every direction. LOL
In the meantime here at home ~~the so called country home~~with the dogs laying around the kitchen fire guarding their bones and the cats on their favourite chairs ourhome~~we listen to the wind gust and howl outside and I am thinking to myself well we sure won't be trimming horse hooves today as planned. Not in this wind that is for sure.
I have just enough of some kind of cold bugging me as of last night that I think I will hold off cleaning out the chicken coop too. Dust and I do not get along too well at the best of times and with a cold starting I am just asking for trouble. I hate being sick so will just leave that chore for a few days and wait to get where I do not have to worry about breathing in dust. There is no real hurry for th
at at present anyhow.
I have been given a bunch of mending to do for a friend as I am using her sewing machine so that is the trade. Plus bread to make in trade for the eggs I have sitting he
re from her too. I don't think I will get bored.
I want to make a few potholders too as mine are getting kind of thin and holey. Not too good for picking up hot things anymore. I was thinking I would use the log cabin quilt square kind of idea. I love that pattern and the bear paw quilt pattern. Think they would look nice as potholders.I am still hand embroidering a stuffed elephant for one little grandson's very very late birthday present too really have to get that finished up.
Making soup for lunch out of my homemade beef broth or use up the last of the split pea bean
soup will be part of the big agenda for the day. See what Dennis would like. Seeing as I have groceries now I am part of the overwhelmed generation ~~and have to make a decision of what to have for supper. That should keep me occupied for awhile.
a close friend and I are going to do our bible study together and check in over the phone on each other on a daily basis so we can hold each other "accountable" That is great challenge so have to get busy and read 1 Peter. We will be studying ~~Living with Discernment in the End Times by Kay Arthur and them.

I will instruct you and teach
you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with my eye.
Psalm 32:8

Love from the not quite yet overwhelmed
Sister in Christ


Sharon said...

I'm so glad to be back to reading your blog. You lighten my day with everything you write :) I love your cabin, it is beautiful. My children are teens and they still want to show, share and tell their grandparents everything when they visit too :) I think at the age of 40, I'm still guilty of that when my parents come to visit lol!

Have a blessed evening!

Linda said...

I love that " Overwhelmed Generation"! hahah, I am passing that one on to James! I can't be the Recession Generation - my body is NOT recessing! In fact it looks rather plump and well fed! haha

What a blessing for you to have children and grandchildren. Isn't it great to have little kids around who look a bit like us AND like us pretty much all the time?? And gee Grandma and Grandpa are delighted with every crayoned drawing and the new words they can read ! Heck I even think the little darlings aren't cute when they have drama fits but I'm a good Grandma and hide my laughs. By the way when James grandaughter say your grandsons in Save On she was quite taken with them. I noticed her fluttering her four year old eyelashes at one and she said "They are nice - for boys" haha

Linda said...

Ps Loved the verse you posted today!