Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Morning

The day is dawning rather damp and dull this morning but I am sure once the house wakes up that the "dull" part will quickly disappear.
Being as there is no television reception here unless you can afford one of those fancy satellite dishes the grandchildren have to come up with things to do out of their imaginations. Well never fear this bunch has enough imagination for an army
of grandchildren ~~there has been time spent sledding on a steep side hill~~man-tracking~~and cops and robbers with robbers being accused of such offenses as stealing underwear off clotheslines, being busted for a "fart-monster",and numerous other serious offenses. hehe. Food has been eaten at every possible waking hour of the day. Boots & felts, snowpants, jackets, gloves, jeans, socks all in various stages of sogginess and believe it or not there has been no moose or coyotes in the vicinity since the arrival of our mighty little hunters. That is okay though as they have spent much time target practising and so there are some very shot up teddy bear types on the place.
Children are now coming to life and I have managed to clean up some kitty cat vomit so I guess the day is off to a roar!
The grampa is still in bed ~~how does he do that?? It is almost 7 a.m. LOL
I have birthday gifts to wrap up
for our little grand-daughter turning four years old today! Time really does fly by.
Everyone is going home this
afternoon. The cats will have to readjust and come out of their hidey holes! haha
I have more bread orders to tend to this week but have to wait for more flour. It is not always that easy for me to run to the corner store. We do have lots of corners but seems no stores are on them! The one store that I worked at in the small village would take close to my year's income to pay for the bag of flour so would rather wait for one of the family members to pick me up one from town and bring it out this way.
After the big Rabbit Rodeo Roundup we had on Friday one of the little scamps has escaped again. I think we are just going to have to dig out the chicken wire and lay it all down on the ground so they can not dig themselves out of the shed. Here is hoping and praying we can build them a nice rabbitry soon. I would like something that they can run around in more so than cages and use the cages only for when some bunny needs isolating for some reason or other. If I could have something where the mamas and babies and papa run in and the females and males that come of age can be separated into runs until butcher time would be m
y dream come true. We shall see as everything takes time not to mention "ingredients"!
I should run and do a couple things here and then rustle up some grub ~~

Because thy lovingkindness is
better than life,
my lips shall praise thee.
Psalm 63:3

Happy Sunday blessings to you

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sewing and breadmaking are my main thoughts this morning. My tea cup is wanting refilling while the happy crackling fire throws its warmth throughout the rooms. Sometimes like this time I can not make up my mind just where I want to get started for the day. I could write you a list of all that is clamouring for priority place but I will spare you those gory details and suffice it to say that I am starting with the refilling of the tea cup. I think better that way. LOL
Daylight is c
oming to our part of the world showing trees, bushes, everything covered in hoarfrost. It is really pretty. Even though it looks a little on the grey side.
The moose have been eating the middles out of the huge round hay bales. Sometimes a mama and her large calf will stand in the hay-meadow and watch us up here at the house. They are getting that brave. There are times they are on the other side of the house nibbling at the willow bushes on the little islands. They like to truck themselves along the river banks eating willows as they go too.
I do not think I have any more work at the cafe really. The boss lady told me once a month for the next while~~I have s
o many things on the go now and coming spring and all I think we will be too busy for to go to work once a month there. That is quite alright with me!
In the meantime back at the ranch I have to go get working on some sewing. Finish up a little crocheting. Our one daughter and her husband are coming for supper tonight. We are looking forward to that. It does mean though that I have some things to do beforehand. It really doesn't matter which things get done first as long as it gets done.
There is bread and biscuits to make for to sell. I am thinking I will leave those till Wednesday and Thursday as we are going to town or close to it by Thursday.
A quiet, stil
l, or I should say incredibly still morning stands there awaiting for me to shatter the peace ~~

Seek the LORD,
and his strength:
seek his face evermore.
Psalm 105:4

God's Many Blessings Upon Your Day

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mush Myths

It is midwinter. There is no getting around it. Yesterday the drive to the little cafe/store where I work was what one would call "interesting!!" Being as I am not use to driving on an ice road it was challenging. I think if I was brave enough I would have turned around and gone back home but the thought of trying to turn around was just waaaay to scary for this gal. Onward HO! I did make it there and then was told I did not have to work till 3pm. It was 10 a.m. my usual time for work on Sundays. I did not drive back home just went to our friend's home not far from the store and visited there. Now that was fun as I do not get to visit there often.
The Valentine's Day supper was a raging success with everyone thoroughly enjoying their steak, prawns, stuffed potato, and glazed carrot supper. They could have soup or salad beforehand and because it was a ticket supper and private party there was wine(red or white) and beer to choose from along with
their coffee, tea, juice, pop, milk or water. We usually close at six. This time we closed at five. Only those who had bought tickets were admitted. I was done my part of the work by close to 7:30. The drive home was much better although I did drive slowly as I wasn't sure just how icy it still was and not really wanting to land in the ditch to find out! haha
This Monday morning I have these mushy thoughts of menu making for the rest of the month. Trying to be creative with what is on hand but not really getting very far past the big five gallon can of oatmeal! It really is not a myth that you can do lots with oatmeal and we could always have bacon a
nd fried oatmeal with ketchup on it. Then there is cougar meat to throw in for variation plus I could do something with the last of the turkey that I cooked the other day. It was just cooked nothing fancy so I can make soup and cut up meat to freeze for casseroles or I could make up the casseroles and freeze them. Decisions decisions.
I have been crocheting this sweet little dress and just have to put the hem trim on it and some kind of lining then it will be done. There is the sewing to do. I really should, now that I am home from our world travels to Manitoba, get the last of our youngest son's quilt finished. It would be nice to do that.
There is a
chicken house to clean out and the rabbit house should get cleaned out too. There is always cupboards to clean and kitty litter to change(eeewww) I could wash walls in the bathroom and make the toilet bowl shine. In other words there is no lack of things to do. I think I will pour myself another cup of tea and see if I can make a decision ~~maybe I will just go for a long long walk...

But as for you, brethen,
do not grow weary in doing good.
2 Thessalonians 3:13

The grace of our
Lord Jesus Christ be with you.