Sunday, January 25, 2009

Popping House Logs

With popping house logs and smoke filling the house this morning from some sort of backdraft I await the dawn. It is almost forty below this morning thus the logs popping. If I was outside I would hear the trees banging. They sound like shotguns going off when it is this cold. Everything lies still in the beyond crispness of the early morn. Think of it ~~it is warmer in our deep freezer than outside!
Our oldest son and family came out yesterday for supper and a visit. That was fun. Our grandson that I have been making the quilt for got his quilt too as I had finished it. Woo Woo!! If I could turn cartwheels I would believe
me.He loves it and I am glad no one who is a professional at quilting sees it. They would freak! Some of the squares don't match up perfectly and the border is a little wider at one side as the quilt top got laid on the backing just off enough to cause problems that way. Don't know why I didn't notice it before but hey He is just a child, just turned seven and to him it is wonderful!! :) And I was making it for him not for a fall fair trophy or some such accolades!
Now to finish up the elephant I want to embroider and stuff and sew together for a VERY late birthday present. Not sure what I will do next. Have different ideas running through my head but would need a little money to buy some bits of material. I may have enough scraps of flannel to make a flannel rag blanket type quilt thing for a gal that is a friend of the family and having her first baby any day now. We shall see. I have to go through my scraps and that is q
uite the endeavour.
It is potluck supper tonight for our home church service. Have to think up something to make for that. Just got called late yesterday that it would be potluck so kind of caught me by surprise. I will come up with something.
We have had a moose camping out nearby just across the river. I am wondering if she will still be there today or if she has found a warmer bed.
All in all it is cold and it is clear and all is well.

By humility and fear of the LORD
Are riches and honour and life.
Proverbs 22:4

Happy Sunday


Linda said...

Our house too is making noise from being cold! Glad I read your blog and figured out what the noise is, so I knew it wasn't ghosts in the attic! haha I'm going through all my fabric too, what colors you looking for? I've been telling James we need to go spend a day with you and Dennis and I could get some tips on crocheting. How far from the main road do you live? Would our little Sunfire make it? ( the squirrels in the motor are getting sluggish with the cold )

Sharon said...

That's so funny that you'd mention this. Last night, I went to the bathroom and kept hearing something so I tip toed out and "whispered loudly" to my husband to come listen. We sneaked in like a couple of hunters and stood quietly to hear the squeaking sounds. He whispered, "you know what it is?" . I said, no. Then he raised his voice real loud and said, "The house is settling!" That definitely would have scared off any ghosts or critters. I cracked up at him :)

Thank you for visiting my blog to leave your condolences this weekend,

Linda said...

We'll have to bring our squirrels inside to warm up by the fire haha

pam said...

I came right over to say hi.

What a beautiful picture you have painted in my mind of your corner of the world. Everyone tells me that B.C. is wonderful and once you go you don't want to come back east. Someday I will visit!!

Thanks for leaving a comment, and I am glad to meet you.