Thursday, May 6, 2010

Purple Runs the River

Purple runs the river outside our kitchen window. Reflecting the early morning sky's different hues of sunrise colours. Frost lies on the ground. Ice is formed on the water troughs. Bunnies that got loose are enjoying their freedom running about nibbling from the bottom of the huge round bales. The dogs always, always trying to stalk them but never quick enough to actually catch them. Canada geese swim in the purple river water. Crows caw to each other landing and hopping around in the pig pen loving to get leftover grains from the troughs. Red-winged blackbirds search the empty bird feeders for black sunflower seeds. Little chickadees bounce light- footed over the frosty ground picking at little bits of hay seed. The horses are no where to be seen this morning so far. A few Canada Geese graze in the upper part of the meadow. Soon now I will be venturing out into the chill morning opening the chickens' door and checking for eggs. The pig food will be soaking and I can "slop" the hogs soon too. I like for them to stay in their warm bed for awhile longer before pouring the five gallon bucket of soaked grains to them. They are getting braver now these little piggies with the curly ears. Coming out and eating on one side of the trough whilst I am still pouring the grain from the bucket. They are settling in. Love the little piggies at this stage in their lives they are soooo very cute. After the piggies are fed I have to refill the bucket with the evening's feed. I have to check on the bunnie's waterers too then I will come in and do some housework. Their is some bear meat to cook up for supper tonight. I will make a stew of sorts even though not much to go into it as need to go to town, buy some kind of groceries. Tomorrow will be the big town day as I take my husband in to get the stitches out of his poor, poor chainsaw chewed foot. That by the way is healing even though the big toe is looking pretty swollen and red. The rest has gone down and the other toes are looking friendly and alive again. In the meantime here back at the ranch you will find me cooking, vacuuming out my flour drawer, baking something or other. I have floors to sweep and wash. There is some sewing to do. Some hand-embroidery to do. Mail to get together for the mail tomorrow. Then back outside to work in the little greenhouse. Pull out more of the rye grass in the second small bed so I can plant radishes and more spinach in it. I have wood to chop and pack into the porch and dogs to take with me to walk the meadow along the river. So far I have seen no bears here at the ranch although they are everywhere else around here. I keep myself alert to watching for them. I want to go down to the eagle's nest and poke around down there. The bears like that path too. Golden rays of sunshine are now streaming in the windows. The purple river is turning an odd greyish purple colour as the sky changes its hues to bright! The horses can be seen now coming up from the far reaches of the meadow in a hurry to get into the rays of sunshine.
The day has begun here at Blackwater River Ranch.
This morning as I read The Daily Bread devotional a line at the bottom of the page catches my eye and my heart: Duty alone is drudery; duty with love is delight.

Whatever you do in word or deed,
do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.
Colossians 3:17
(a good thing to remind myself)

May your duties be your delight