Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chicken Sweaters and Other Things

Well ~~where to start this posting is my challenge at the moment. Lately I fall asleep to the sounds of coyote voices singing away. Like hundreds of them at least that is the way it sounds but in reality there are probably very few of them. At least not in the hundreds!
I am excited that the sandhill cranes with their crazy wild sounding graaaacking songs are back. We have a little lake situated on the other side of the river from us and that is their favourite spot at the moment anyhow. All kinds of birds here. Lots of waterfowl as we have lots of water. Big huge puddles in the hayfields and the river and of course the little lake. I lo
ve watching their antics. There is an eagle that is constantly getting into fights with the ravens and crows too. An on goes the circle of life here at Blackwater River Ranch.
My husband has been off working at a ranch about 45 minutes past us. He phoned on their satellite phone last night which stayed on long enough for him to tell me he is coming home for an overnight visit tonight. I am excited about that. Not only that he is my husband and I miss him so it will be good to see him but also a human. It is nice to see other humans once in awhile. The animals around here are good listeners and a couple of them talk back to me but it would be nice to talk to an english speaking two-legged critter!
Yesterday morning I was trucking around the "net" just reading this and that mostly knitting and sewing sites. When I came across this article on chicke
n sweaters taken from a newspaper in maybe England (can't remember). So this lady rescues chickens from chicken batteries and brings them home and knits them sweaters to cover their poor naked bodies. It talks about the chickens losing their feathers giving one the impression that it is because they are in a chicken battery. They mentioned nothing about the plain fact that chickens molt ~~anyways I saved the picture to share here and as I usually always get any pics from free sites or from my own collection I have no idea if this is a legal pic stealing or illegal pic stealing so in other words if my next posting I am in behind bars eating meals I did not cook myself~~~weell at least drop me a line or two LOL. ps I can hardly wait to see the looks on folks faces here when I have chickens molting and they are all sporting nice fluffy handknit sweaters. I am glad my one daughter-in-law is getting interested in knitting I will have to get her right on that project!
I am in the midst of making more newspaper pots for transplanting my seedlings when I can get some more soil.
I have been crocheting and sewing etc. doing my usual chores. Actually could rake the woodpile area seeing as it is finally totally thawed. It is amazing how much debris gathers in that area over the course of a winter.
Today I have some cleaning I have been wanting to do that I will get done and planning a meal for my husband. I have a venison roast thawed out and then there is potatoes and carrots I can cook up and might even be able to rustle up a simple salad with not many ingredients in it. but hey it is salad. That is good. I have some pie crusts frozen in my freezer so maybe I will make a rhubarb raisin and apple pie to go with that last little bit of ice-crea
m we have too.
All in all there is lots to do and the day will pass too quickly in the end but prayerfully not before I get most of my list of to do things done.

Teach me thy way, O LORD;
I will walk in thy truth:
unite my heart to fear thy name.
I will praise the, O LORD my God,
with all my heart:
and I will glorify the name for evermore.
Psalm 86:11&12

Have a Pleasant and Wonderful Saturday

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home Body

The river has been breaking up bringing with it mini ice-bergs.When I am outside the sound of scraping ice on ice and crashing and colliding of huge chunks of ice are not far from my ears. Sometimes it sounds like thunder.
Our ice jam has broken up so the water is flowing back where it should be. Praising the LORD for that.
We enjoy watching the bufflehead ducks playing on the river like it is a big water slide. They come down the river willy nilly climb up onto the ice and then fly up in groups just to come swooshing back down. The best is when a graceful and very mature looking swan came down river sideways then backwards making us think what could possibly be wrong with it. Maybe the current is too strong only to see it climb up on the ice and fly up river to come down all crazy like again and again.
I have been crocheting, sewing, cleaning, chopping wood,packing wood and whatever other chores that are needing to be done.
Our Bible Study is progressing along nicely. Still in 2 Peter but it is good. Always learning something.
Now it is getting late and I really should be going and doing some evening things that need to be taken care of.
Oh my seedlings are really taking off so I will have to make a whole bunch of my newspaper plant pots to put these little guys into. The cool thing about these is that when it is time to plant the whole thing can go into the ground as the paper disintegrates. and at this point no I am not worried about the lead in the ink getting into the plant and killing me when I eat it. I will just leave all that in the hands of my LORD.

He who works his landwill
have abundant food,
but he who chases fantasies
lacks judgement.
Proverbs 12:11

Have a restful evening everyone

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So This is Wednesday!

The little hawk makes his landing on the greying rail fence. Little birds of of many types cover the frozen morning ground. They sense the presence of the the hawk and cease their frenzied feeding, zipping under the truck or any where they can quickly take cover. Morning rays light upon the scene that suddenly isn't so tranquil at least not if you are one of the little birds trying to find your breakfast. The "cycle of life" unfolds before my very eyes as the hawk is looking for breakfast too and none want to be it!
The Canada geese slide across the water in the hayfield. They are not too impressed and will be back later when the "water" isn't so hard.
A chilly morning here in this corner of the Cariboo but it looks glorious with the morning's golden streams of light gracing over the frozen ground, snow, ice and the frozen river water that is in the hay meadow. I think in farenheit (sp?) temps it would be around 16 or 17 degrees at the moment in celcius it is about -8.
My laundry hanging out on the clothes line from yesterday is looking very stiff. But
it is spring and we know that in a few hours things will warm up and thaw out. It is still going to be a while before there are any tulips blooming in this area. I did pick a bunch of kinnik-kinnik and its berries yesterday when I was on a hike around where I can easily walk. There is getting to be more and more "freed up" walking areas. Still need boots. I wear my snow boots as they don't get soaking wet. My gumboots can not be found somewhere they have been put away last fall in a box so they could be found for spring. Only problem what box and where is it. I will have to go through the shop-barn and see if they can be rediscovered. In the meantime snowboots are fine. No running shows at least not if you want to leave the immediate area around the house.
The river continues to get noisier each day. Open water is getting more and more the draw back is our basement which is hand dug has water seeping in again so not sure how much grace we have before we have to start the pump again.

The Easter week-end was a pleasant one ~~somewhat busy but with its quiet times. One of our daughters came for a visit overnight and we spent time visiting and she had lots of quiet time to study for an important interview.
The rest of the family in this area went off to visit their family in another area of BC. In slightly more southern climes. It sounds like all of them had a great time.
Our one daughter-in-law we were told was travelling home with the children yesterday o
n her birthday. I wonder if she got a birthday cake anywhere along the line. I will find out sometime today I am sure.
Our youngest son placed third in the annual Easter Rodeo down on the reserve. He is safe and sound and still in one piece which makes for a happy mama. His
one brother was the bull-fighter and he is a little stiff and sore from bulls giving him a hard time but nothing major. The other "children" of ours were doing their thing at their homes. All is well.
In the meantime I have been baking and selling the baking like crazy. Easter time must have something about cinnamon buns cause have I ever made a lot of cinnamon buns for the week-end. I always thought people were into hot cross b
uns at Easter. Guess I am wrong and that is okay with me.
Visiters from another ranch were here yesterday afternoon for a couple hours that was fun. All of us enjoying being able to talk and share our thoughts wit
h someone else besides those we live with. It was great!
Today I am going to do the usual everyday chores like dishes, sweeping the floors, things like that and we are hoping to start cleaning out our chicken coop and put a little barrel heater in it that we finally could get with not much digging out of the snow and ice. We would like to put the other one in the little greenhouse too. How much can two people accomplish in a day? We shall see.

...reaching forth unto those things which are before,
I press toward the mark for the prize of the high
calling of God in Christ Jesus.
Phillipians 3:13,14

God Bless you as you go
about your day

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!

Hallelujah! He is Risen.
I have always thought that Easter is actually more important to us as Christians than Christmas. His death on the cross, dying for our sins. Your sins and my sins. If He hadn't come born of a virgin, fulfilling the prophecies then He wouldn't have been able to die on the cross to take away our sins. Not being a theologian of any sort I will leave that to someone more learned than me. Either way they are important "holy-days"
Easter here at Blackwater River Ranch was brought in with a most glorious morning. Clear and bright sunshine. Birds everywhere. They love our feeder and unfortunately for the little birds there is a hawk that loves the feeding stations too. He has had a dinner of a few of the littler ones now. They are getting hip to him though and splitting the scene the moment one of them spies him.
We had a visit from our friend Woody just in time to have lunch with us. He is such a special man wish everyone could get to know him. While we were eating our lunch another vehicle tries to make it down our driveway. They made it eventually but managed to run over one of the dogs racks of ribs and flattened a tire. They were checking out the river to see if the ice is off yet. Getting anxious to fish. Our place here is a very famous fishing spot. So in the end we made some new friends. We don't see hardly anyone and then suddenly there is three different peoples here.
This evening is our home church meeting so that is the next thing on our list of things to do. In the meantime We have been doing odds and ends around here. One of our daughters is coming to stay the night tonight. I have the bed all made up with fresh bedding on it and all is ready set to sleep in.
Dogs are sprawled around on the floor. Here and there one is groaning and stretching or one is snoring. The littlest dog growls at all the big dogs. I am not sure if she is incredibly brave or real unsmart. LOL Anyone of the big dogs could eat her in a bite or two!

But God demonstrates His own love
toward us, in that while we were still
sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

Rejoice in the LORD!
Easter Blessings to all of you

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Palm sunday was a special Sunday to me as a child growing up. My family did not attend church. Although my dad believed in God or at least that there was a God he refused to go to church. My mother grew up in a household that argued about religion. And so she wanted nothing to do with religion. I was picked up as a young child by the Calvary Temple Sunday School bus on Sundays. My dad's mom had it set up for me. She was a big supporter of that church Pastor. I praise the LORD for that. As time went on we moved out of Kamloops to a small community and there I would go to one of the two very tiny churches. The Catholic church and the Anglican Church. I had to get myself off to church as I had no support from my family. Anyways I would get up early and dress myself and ride my bike the distance which was over a mile. I loved the traditions and that is one of the things I am thinking of now. Palm Sunday was so special to me. The waving of the Palm branches or the making of crosses out of palm leaves. No I did not ever learn to understand latin that the sermons or whatever they were called in the Catholic church were done in. But it all made a big impression on me.
These days I attend a home fellowship as there is no church out here. It is led by a Presbyterian Pastor and his Pastor wife. I attend the Alliance church if I go into town. I love our church family there. I guess I can honestly say though that they do not seem to have the old traditions that I came to love as a child. I am not saying that is bad. I just miss those traditions.
No matter what church one goes to I do pray that your Palm Sunday is a blessing to you. That you can carry the message of the day to the unreached.

"Hosanna to the Son of David!
'Blessed is He who comes in the
name of the LORD!'
Hosanna in the highest."
Matthew 21:9

Jesus is my LORD

Friday, April 3, 2009

This is the Day that the LORD Hath Made

Warmish weather out there this morning with just a few degrees below freezing. There is actually no pretty white stuff falling from the sky this morning.This whole week we have had snow off and on. Our mornings usually are snowy. Yesterday the winds blew and the snow fell. Nonetheless our snow is still sinking and there is some hope that one day maybe even by the end of this month we will see the ground again.
Today we are off to town. Just a few things to do. Have stuff to drop off and always there is some bills to pay. We have a bit of a grocery list we are hopeful of being able to fill.
I am particularly looking forward to getting to spend some time with our daughter-in-law and the five little ones. Not sure if the oldest two of the five think of themselves as little ones anymore but I am the Gramma and they are all little ones to me in a way! Grandparents special privileges. The hard one is when you get in trouble by a three year old for calling them "baby"! Oh well.
The youngest of these grandchildren is walking now so that will be fun to see. Everyone is just growing and growing. Me too but I would rather
be growing in wisdom than from side to side. LOL
We have been sorting through things here so there is stuff to drop off here and there for someone else to enjoy or make use of. Anything to get it out of our house. I really want to work on getting things well organized and gone through as much as possible. Not an easy task but we can keep picking away at it. Prayerfully one day it will be all done.
I have started a few flower seeds inside here. They are doing nicely. Here is hoping I will be able to pick up some peat pots today so I can start transplanting them from the flats. I would like to get some herb seeds next. Soon I will start some tomato plants and peppers things like that. We have dreams of a very good size garden this year. Not sure where we will store all the food but we can freeze and can lots of the vegetables.
I still haven't managed to get much sewing done. This has been hard on me as I really want to get these things done. I keep telling myself it will come. I am slowly getting better. Did manage to get all my curtains in the living room washed and the windows washed inside and out. Between snowstorms. Determined to get it done no matter what the weather was doing.
I have been trying to sort our huge pile of photos out~~now there is an overwhelming task. I feel like I am make a very small progress in tha
t area. At least I am attempting it.
This is just a quick little update on the lives of us at Blackwater River Ranch. Things are quiet. Little jobs are being completed. Housework and chores keep us occupied a long with the sorting we are trying to get done.
I am wishing I could buy a lot of fabric but I think I will at least buy some thread that I am going to need.
This month of April has quite a few birthdays in it for this family. My mom's on the 5th, one daughter on the 9th, one of our daughters-in law on the 14th, our youngest grandson's on the 17th(I hope that is the day oh my now I have to think about that one) and another daughter on the 24th. I need to be independently wealthy. Haha

Do not lay up for yourselves on earth,
where moth and rust destroy and
where thieves break and steal: but
lay up for yourselves treasures in
heaven where neither moth nor rust
destroys and where thieves do not
break in and steal. For where your
treasure is their your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:19-21

Have a great Friday
God Bless