Sunday, January 11, 2009

One time my dad and I stood on the side of the mountain looking over an expanse of green. He touched my shoulder~~"all different shades of green, eh, Roxie!"~~quietly we stood there side by side no more to be said. A bond of understanding between us We eventually loaded back up into the vehicle and headed home.
Many times over the years I have thought of that quiet solid little sentence.
It was a great profound sentence then and still is to this day. There are many different shades of green. To God be that glory!
It's the grey areas that I wonder about now as a Christian adult no longer a child. How
many can pick up their cross and follow Jesus leaving their self obessesion behind. I think 'nuff said at this point on that subject.
Many years have passed since that day. My father and I had man
y times of just being. We could sit and just be together. It was not an awkward or uncomfortable time. My dad is gone now. Drowned in a logging accident. The ferry's tailgate which the back of his loaded logging truck was sitting on broke and his truck with him in it went into the frigid waters. My dad could not swim.
Sad story but being as it is my birthday today I think of my dad~~and my mom and both sets of grandparents~~~Actually my whole family and our children and their families. Thinking and praying for all of them.I practically need alist for everyone.
Believe it or not even for all my twenty plus years(plus plus plus years) lol I feel fine, am not on any medications ,and think I have my faculties about me.
Whatever they are. My biggest problem being sighting in the rifle with bifocals~~grr~~I see well far off but not close up so the sites need me to wear glasses but the glasses have that blurr strip right where I need to line up the sites. I will figure it all out, in the meantime if you are a wolf reading this ~~feel safe! For my birthday Dennis and I target practised so that was a lot of fun.
Earlier in the day Hubert came and had coffee and pie. He loaded up the bull and cow
s so they are gone to the main ranch now. No more packing water to all of them. Just the horses. YAY!!
The appliqueing on the quilt squares is almost done.Should be able to finish that up this evening. Then I can start sewing them together. I can hardly wait!
So far our dark mysterious friend is behaving himself so we let him be. Its the dogs we have to watch now. Making sure they don't go chasing him. Which they think is their duty. No pack though. All is well.
My sweetie is making my birthday supper and he has a cake mix to make me a birthday cake. Fun!!
One time when we were out in the Forestry lookouts it was Dennis' birthday so I made him a cake with what I could find. We had a little flour and baking powder so it was a baking powder biscuit dough with sugar added to it and chocolate chips to
o. Sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top and Happy birthday!!That was fun too! We sat on the top of the world overlooking the Chilcotin country all the way west to the coastal mountains. North to Ramsey Creek area. East to McLeese Lk. South to Gang ranch. Not many can say that. The life of a lookout observer is an interesting life but not much for social life. Maybe the odd sasquatch!
Spaghetti sauce cooking away on the stove fills the house with this intriguing scent. I am so hungry.
The dogs sleep on their backs with legs in the air. The old dog lays on her side being her stinky self. OOOOhh! Poor old dear. Cats of different colours laze around on the back of the couch and on the couch and in a chair. They follow me around the house vying for the place closest to me. It is evening back at the ranch.
Tomorrow will bring another day of chores and excitement. No dull moments here.

To every thing there is a season,
and a time
to every purpose under the heaven:
a time to be born, ...
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

A great day for a birthday
love to all

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Linda said...

Happy Birthday dear Roxie!! Another anniversary of your thirtieth birthday! I'm happy that you are older than me, but NOT happy that you look younger and are healthier than me! hahahaha! Check my blog for a birthday message.