Monday, January 5, 2009

After all the blizzardy weather yesterday it is just like spring today. the sun is shining and it is soooo warm it is unbelievable. We have gone from the -40's to minus 5. Wild! The dogs and the bunnies love it. the horses stand in the sun soaking up all the warmth they can before the next big drop in temps. The cows mill around the round bale.
The dogs and I went for a walk through the squeaking heavyrail gates that close the corrals and out into the back. Sun reflecting in our eyes and all of us way too warm but fun nonetheless. The snow still crunches and squeaks. Our little Angel pup is turning into a good little cow dog. She has learned that when I call her to come she comes running. PTL!That can be
a tough call sometimes. she is turning out to be a heeler. Nipping at heels of horses and cows when she wants them to move. Another Praise the LORD for that. I can always use the help. I separate the pups for periods of time so I can spend one on one time with them and see how they respond and what needs praise and what needs to be worked on. The older dogs are sometimes a help in the training. It is nice though to get the particular pup on its own so we can just have a working bond.
De-worming time is coming around here again too. and me with no money. Bummer! My dad use to de-worm with tobacco but I don't smoke
so that isn't going to work either.Praying the LORD will bless us with some kind of cash. everything is running out. One good thing is that we have been given another cow to butcher for the dogs. Always good that is.
Today is a cleaning and sewing day. I have been cleaning by the wood heater as all these cobwebby things collect on the brick chimney and look gross. The heater is being let to go out so we can clean the ashes out of it and later I w
ill vacuum all the mess from that up.
Soup has been made for lunch and we will have pork steaks for supper with mashed potatoes etc. I was excited to find huckleberries in the freezer as I thought we had eaten all of them. Hooray. for huckleberries.
When we were out picking these berries. One of our grandsons was with me and a friend. Having gone into the bush off the logging road we were picking like crazy and getting soaking wet as it was raining pretty hard. Micaiah said "gramma I see a moose" I looked and there behind an uprooted spruce tree, the roots all covered in moss and small plants, was a big cow moose. S
he saw us and came over to us to investigate. Really sticking her head out to figure out what on earth we were doing in her bedroom. (we had found her bed) Our grandson was scared. Just talk I told him when she got quite close we sang something and clapped our hands. The big girl looked us over then lifted her front feet and swung around and took off. I don't think she liked our singing. Haha
The quilt is coming along. I have all the quilt squares cut out and am putting to gether the fabric cutouts for the appliques. So fun. When that is all done then I will start doing the machine embroidering. I might not be real good at that but I have alot of fun with it.
Been having a lot of difficulties with our internet service so here is hoping I can get this posted. In the meantime I had better get myself off to the said quilt business or it will never get done.

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.
Hebrews 12:1

Keep your eyes on Jesus
Love Roxanne


Sharon said...

I really enjoy reading about your home place and your animals and your grand babies. Thank you so much for sharing your stories.

Good luck with your quilting!

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

You say it is warm at -5 degrees. Here in Alabama everyone complains when it gets into the 30's. We usually have very mild winters and would not know how to react to temperatures below zero. Occasionally, we have wind chills below 0 but not actual temperatures. Take care and I hope you continue to have sunny and warm days.