Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chicks cheep and chirp beside me as I type away on here. I hatched them in a borrowed incubator so now have fifteen tiny fluffy little chickies. It is kind of late in the year but I didn't get the chance at an ncubator until late so that's the breaks, eh?

The last few days have been pretty nice and warm here. Blackflies are doing wonderfully well. The berry picking is fabulous. I have been able to pick wild strawberries and enough of them to freeze. Wild blueberries are just coming around and oh my are they going to be plentiful. Saskatoons grow wild here too so have lots of them picked and same with raspberries. In other words no shortage of berries. The rose hips are coming. Many large reddish ones and some are becoming quite a bright red. Although we have had some frost they really need to get hit with a heavier frost yet. Same with the blueberries but never fear as it will happen.

I have dried many wild herbs and still more to pick. Finding it hard right now to keep up with everything that is growing out there at the same time. Many of these plants and berries the bears enjoy too so I have to be on the lookout for them as well.

There are a few jars of saskatoon rhubarb jam done and a few apricot jam and just two very tiny jars of raspberry jam. Mostly I am freezing the berries for later on.

The evening is closing in on me here with ten hungry pigs to pack feed to and wash out their water trough yet. Chickens need their evening rations. There is wood to bring in and I would like to set the fire ready to throw a match to in the morning so I am not running around in the woodpile in barefeet and nightie gathering kindling ~~

I still have some dishes to do from jamming and making supper but what I really really would like to do is just sit and knit on the little sweater. I want to make two of them for our five year old grand-daughters. They are white with embroidered flowers on them. At least they will have embroidered flowers on them when they are done!

Things have been hopping around here with folks dropping in to say hello and use the phone. There is a big gold mine trying to set up back in the mountains so the first nations peoples are invited by the company to view the actual sites. Then there is going to have to be tribal meetings to talk about making deals. Our youngest son is working in the one closest to traditional areas in our part of the country. It is cold up there so thankfully our friend can take some warm clothes in when he flies in next week. It will all be very interesting.

I need to go for now get all this stuff I mentioned done instead of just talking about it. Would be nice if they had a button on this computer you could press and these things would get done. But until they invent that button I guess ~~it will just have to be traditional old fashioned hand done.

The sluggard craves and gets nothing,

but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.

Proverbs 13:4 NIV

Sweet Dreams to all


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moon Washing

It actually gets dark here now around 10 pm~~That is until the moon comes up and washes the dark away. The we are bathed in moonlight. Don't you just love that? So pretty.

This photo was taken in 2009 but my dog that is on the leash was still alive then. I don't have many photos of her so this kind of touches my heart. She was a great friend even though she was a brat at times. The reason she is on a leash is that if she was let off when the other two were loose with her she would take them off into the bush for many many hours. Not too good. The other two will stick around but as soon as the ring-leader came out to play they would be long gone. They have no self-discipline. Easily led astray. She was good and stuck around if by herself. Go figure. The photo is taken out at the back end of the ranch.

Today I have ironing to do and all that exciting stuff. Lots of outdoor things to do.

It would be good to be able to get to some heirloom sewing patterns for children. That would be fun to do if I can squeeze in some time. First off though I should probably finish organizing my sewing area so you can get to the sewing machine without breaking your neck. LOL I am trying to put it inot some kind of logical order but I am sttarting to wonder how much logic is in that??!!

When I have a little more time I will post some of the projects I have completed . for now I will just put this one of the crocheted dress I crocheted for one of our grand-daughter's birthday.

In the meantime I had better get at some breakfast and some chores around here before I get fired! haha now there's an idea~~

The LORD is my strength and my shield;

my heart trusted in Him,

and I am helped.

Psalm 28:7

Have a dog gone good day


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blackwater River Ranch

Mornings are taking longer now here in this corner of the Cariboo country. The birds would wake us up with their twittering and anxiousness to start the day at a quarter to three in the morning just a few short weeks ago~~Now they start their day sometime after five. The sun is taking longer and longer to hit the cabins and bless us with its presence. But at least we are getting sunshine. The "summer" has been fairly cold and extremely rainy. So much so that the rivers flooded and are just now starting to get back into their rightful spots. The hay meadows are still wet and the garden that was under five feet or so of water is now down to being quite soft. The mushroom picking (morels) was pretty decent until even the mushrooms couldn't stand the rain anymore. We have wild strawberries big and sweet. They are so abundant it is just wonderful. The raspberry plants are taller than me and loaded with ripening berries. My husband has picked a container full of ripe deep purply blue juicy saskatoon berries too. Wild blueberries are so plentiful and soon they too will be ready for the picking.

It has been sometime since the last time I have been able to blog but I am now back in cyber space thinking I am pretty KOOL too! LOL

The weed whacking has been done, house work is done, animals are fed and wateredand relaxing in the heat they are so not use to. The men folk have gone down the road to pick up fishermen that are on tour and bring them and their raft and gear back up.

Tonight we will have a wonderful supper with friends that are camping here for a few more days. Fresh Blackwater River trout. Mmmm!

The blackflies and no-see-ums are alive and well shredding us and livestock and wild critters. All that rain and now the heat Perfect breeding conditions.

There are so many beautiful wild flowers and tall grasses covering the wildfire area now that it is hard to believe it was such a fire. If one looks you can still see the blackened earth that burned so hot. The trees are easily spotted as they stand out black against the backdrop of green.

There are fifty-seven eggs in my incubator so I have high hopes of seeing some baby chicks later this month.

In the meantime dear friends I must be on my way to complete some more chores.

The earth is full

of the goodness

of the LORD. Psalm 33:5

God's Blessings be upon you