Sunday, September 20, 2009


A cool breeze sifted in through our bedroom window. Little stars poked out of the dark sky. An owl hoo hooing out there somewhere not far off. Getting up to this chilly morning, stepping over a dog, one of the cats yawns and stretches out a paw, not wanting me to disturb him. It seems once the days decide to get shorter it surely doesn't take them long to do exactly that.Not long ago the birds were twittering at 4 in the morning and the lightness of day was well on its way. Now it is closer to 6 before the lightness is really showing another day is in the making. There is a good frost on everything as it is a few degrees below the freezing point. Dogs are walking about sniffing the still crispy air. Mist rises off the meadow where some cattle are grazing, some are still bedded down. Canada geese come in for the landing. They love grazing in the hay-meadow this time of the year. It is quiet and very still. Not even a leaf is moving at the moment. I love this time of the day. Ravens are coming in to land in the big aspen tree outside my window. They love that tree all year round but really take to it this time of the year and through the winter they sit in it making their raven talk for "hurry up and get out here and feed us" LOL I really have no idea what they are saying but I make a few glook glook type sounds in the winter even if I do not see them and put their food on a stump. They will come gliding in. If nothing else they know that strange sounding squawking means the day's meal is served. First to the aspen then they will take turns slipping down to the stump. One always on the lookout duty. Some are very selfish and will try to take all the food they can, some of them are shy and suspicious and approach the feeding stump very cautiously taking some scrap of food and off they go. Sort of like people hey?
Being as it is Sunday today we know we will get company by mid morning. I will get something baked to share around and the coffee will be ready, filling the house with its aroma. Our church service out here is in the early evening after supper unless it is potluck night. That is once a month usually at the end of the month. I love that time together.
We got a couple of my smaller pressure canner full of jars of winter squash done up yesterday. I can use it for "pumpkin" pie filling or soups or whatever. Half will go to my daughter and husband as they bought half of the squashes. This one was quite big and for some reason was getting a mushy spot so we did not want to waste it. Now it is in quart jars. I still have my little beets and carrots to do up. The cows were nice enough to leave some of those for us. They are pretty tiny so will probably just pickle them. Tea cup is empty now so I will be off for another cup here.

Because Your lovingkindness is better
than life,
My lips shall praise You.
Psalm 63:3

Enjoy your day the LORD hath made

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sasquatch Prints

Our neighbours dropped by for a visit ~~partly to see if we would by some magazine or others subscription that goes somehow to support the little school out here which has nine to fourteen students in it. and one teacher teaches all the grades including Kindergarten she is feeling very overwhelmed. The other part was to see if they could plug in a brand new freezer her and give us salmon for allowing them to do so. They are our closest neighbours to the north west of us. About 8 miles or so in kilometres I think that is somewhere around 17 km. We said sure but our house is not very big nor the porch and someone somewhere told us that these new freezers can't be put outside or they freeze and it wrecks them so that would mean they couldn't be in an unheated shed either. Don't know so I guess I will have to ask around and maybe there is something on the net that tells you if I can think of how one would look such information up.
So on went the visit when
they saw the wild blueberries our son-in-law and daughter had been picking. I mentioned I had been hoping to find some huckleberries but can't find any here. Edith said she knew where some were but the bears had eaten the one patch so she was going to try to check out another spot and then if there is some we could go picking together. So here is praying.
The conversation soon turned to hunting when our friends said that at the last pow wow some of the Chilcotins Indians have seen some close together five toed flat footed print
s. They are quite large and quite far apart. Up to five feet in the stride. The people of this area believe that the Sasquatches have crossed here on a certain trail forever. They are not often seen but there are people who claim to have seen them. I am not sure I am anxious to meet with a Sasquatch even if it would be interesting to know that they for sure exist. My granpa was a believer in them but my mom always claimed it was his Indian superstitions~~What do you think?
A friend told me that if the eagle I had fly so close overhead I could almost touch its belly has feathered feet it is a golden eagle if no feathered feet it is an immature bald eagle so the next time it comes in for new shoes I will check that out!!
the fire is crackling in the wood heater it is just below the freezing point here this morning and has become pretty fogged in but I know it will burn off quite quickly. I have my rhubarb jam to make today and some serious sewing again. I do not have a menu plan made up for this day so will have to do something about that too. One thing I am hoping to get to this afternoon is making a lot of kindling as one doesn't always leave a fire going all day this time of the year which means one has to start a fire when one is getting chilly. That is the worst part of letting a fire go out is then you have to make more kindling before you start the fire. OOOORRR have a big bucket or box already made up. Saves time and then one doesn't mind starting the fire again. I make it sound like such a chore it is that ingrained human laziness coming out in me.Talking about fires I had better go stoke mine.

Out of his mouth go burning lights;
Sparks of fire shoot out.
Smoke goes out of his nostrils,
As from a boiling pot and burning rushes.
His breathe kindles coals, And a flame goes out of his mouth.
Job 41:19-21

Now that would be a handy critter to have around
to start fires with ~~
Your friend in Sasquatch? country

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Purple Morning

A purplish morning sky coming out of the darkness the day begins~~
I have to admit that today I have a pretty open list of things to do. I have lots of thing I could do but have not actually planned what I should do so I will take time with my next cvp of tea to decide if my list is a should do or a could do list. We have all the potatoes dug up now so that is off my list. Hooray for that. We have some very nice looking spuds at that too.I have a bucket of little tiny beets that I could wash up and pickle. There is a couple of buckets of carrots that could be washed up and done something with too. Right now at this very mome
nt in time it all sounds like work!! LOL maybe after I have a long walk and some breakfast I will just get at something and that will be that.
Exciting news is that I have a huge tomato in the greenhouse that is actually turning a bit of an orange colour. Woo hoo seeing as I have all these tomatoes and all of them are still green. It is super exciting!! :) The green peppers are getting eaten as soon as they look big enough to eat. I am beginning to think we need a whole field of green peppers. That won't happen any time soon though.
We think the large bird that has been around but only spottted off and on since last winter is a lar
ge golden eagle. It is not an immature bald eagle at least I don't think so. We do have a nest of bald eagles here. But this bird does not have the underwing colouring that is in my little bird book. It makes the sound of an eagle. Our daughter and her husband saw it climb up out of the river yesterday. It walked (yes it walked) up the bank and into the bush. It is quite a big and impressive bird.
It flew very low over my head making a sort of high pitched scree- type sound earlier in the morning when I was down walking through the haymeadow. It found a tree that it likes to sit on on the other side of the river and watched the dogs and I. Every time we see this bird it takes us by surprise and you don't always get a very good look at it. Sometimes wondering if you really saw such a thing in the first place.
The morning sky has been such a display of purple hues turn to red to golden hues. It is just glowing even though there are big clouds. It will be interesting to see what the day tu
rns out to be.
Dennis is off to haul hay off the fields at the other ranch. He thinks it will take up to ten days to get all the hay off and into the stack yard. In the meantime our daughter and son-in-law will do things here. It really does not take too long to find something to do around here.

Delight yourself in the LORD,
And He shall give you the desires
of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

May your day be filled with wonders
God Bless

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Its Sunday~~

Things really do get away on me at times. It has been a little while since I have written on here so maybe a little update is in order.
Starting with today and working my way back ~~as I sit here in the early morning darkness sipping a cup of tea I have this list of things going through my head. There will be the 3rd annual Poker Ride from here starting at 11 this morning w
ith last rider out at 2pm. The Rodeo club will be using my front porch to set up their "concession stand". A barbecue etc. So it would probably be nice of me to remove all the doggie bones that are there. I am thinking of making cinnamon buns but am still sipping tea.
My husband has to be up soon to go help with the haying. I am hoping he will be okay as he wasn't walking very good last night when he got in from helping some of our sons and a friend with getting firewood. They had a long day of it yesterday and got somewhere in the neighbourhood of seven cords of wood.
Our son-in-la
w finished oiling the log house he was oiling and is happy with the end results. He is getting pretty excited for his wife (our daughter) to come up. She will be here late Monday night. They haven't seen each other for a few weeks now.
Our garden that was a lot of work with lots of weeds is finished now thanks to the herd of cattle that harvested it. We are hoping to dig up the potatoes Monday if they haven't trampled them to pulp.
Our summer
has been incredibly busy with fencing, pushing cows out to the range only for them to come back down to the ranch only to be pushed back again.It actually would be pretty hard to write down all that we have done this summer. No big vacations though although we did make it for a couple of days away from here and took in my uncle and auntie's 50th wedding anniversary. That was fun and got to remeet relatives I have not seen for many years. Even my older cousin who wrote a book about the Red Lake area where she and my dad and family grew up. On our way home we stayed at my brother and wife's home.They took us tom my cousins' for a visit. A lot of visiting crammed into 3 days. We are home now and back at the usual and thoroughly enjoying being home. Love to visit but there is something about your own bed and your own cup of tea in your own kitchen no matter how humble it may be.

For You are my lamp, O LORD;
The LORD shall enlighten my darkness.
2 Samuel 22:29

The sky is lighting up enough to see outlines
so better let some dogs out and get

myself on a roll.
God Bless all of you with a wonderful Sunday