Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ice covers my "screen"door. The one with glass in it. There is a strong breeze blowing on this dark dark January morning. Temperature is below zero if you are here in Canada but slightly above zero if in the States. Our whole winter thus far has been pretty mild with just a few very cold temps that never last longer than a day or two. Gives credence to the global warming following.
As of yesterday I am a year older and here is hoping ~wiser too. Can't really understand the whole age thing. It seems like as we grow into elders we still think we feel like we are nineteen or in our twenties but our bodies don't always get that and tend to act like we are much older than what ou
r minds picture ourselves as! Strange ain't it?
It seems like it has been a long time since I have written anything on here. One comment by a friend was that my husband has been sitting on that stump for a long time. Could be he is just slow moving and not as young in body as in mind eh? But really Christmas gift making, helping one of our daughters and her husband and baby move back here has been pretty time consuming.
True too that I just kind of lost interest in fighting with my computer too. Today (maybe cause I am older now) I am full of patience thinking I would post something on here just to get myself back into the roll of things.
So here I am trying hard to think of what to write about and not coming up with a whole lot of anything. I could tell you about the winter but I already did that. Maybe Christmas~~that was very fun~ a blast really. Lots of target practice and the whole family here by Boxing Day. Even a really magical display of fireworks!
Dogs, cats, horses, cows, chi
ckens, rabbits keep us occupied. Wolves howl around us day and night. Coyotes come in for a visit too. No moose so far this winter season. But then it is so mild out they don't need to come eat our hay. that part is nice but miss seeing them.
Firewood to get for our daughter as her husband is in the north country working. I guess that helps our bodies to try to act like the youth in our minds. Somehow I am not sure that it is working all that great but nonetheless we carry on.
A single pileated woodpecker flew over me the other day when I was walking a very old old horse up to this corral near the house. There is usually two of them but haven't even seen one of them for a long time so it was a surprise to me.
Friends and neighbours drop by for coffee off and on bringing news and laughs and just plain friendly conversation with them.
Handiwork keeps me occupied too when I let myself sit around and do it. I now (since Christmas) have a jigsaw and have started learning how to use that. I could do that kind of thing for hours but it gets cold standing outside for a long time so usually last about an hour and then come in for a warm up. Of course once in one realizes it is time to put laundry in the dryer or make a meal or answer the phone and then it is another day before I can get back at things with the jigsaw.
I have this desire to start my own hanging baskets so am hoping I can scrounge up enough seeds to start some sometime soon here too.
There is a huge jigsaw puzzle taking up space on one of my kitchen tables that I pick away at. The picture is an aspen forest with the odd pine tree in it. But all the pieces are beginning to look alike to me. YIKES!!
That about rounds up the happenings here. We are looking forward to 2012 with a wedding of our son and fiance coming up in the summer. Our youngest daughter and husband are expecting a new little one due in the summer. The hopes and dreams of a bigger and better garden. It will be interesting to see what the LORD has planned for us this year. God Bless all of you Love Roxanne
Though your beginning was insignificant,
Yet your end will increase greatly. Job 8:7 NASB