Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Even though it was afternoon it was late in the afternoon when my dear husband had the firewood bucked up ready to load into the pickup. I pushed the gate as wide open as I could and dug it out with the toe of my felt pack boot. That helped a little but still needed it to open more as my thought was dig it out to open now so I don't end up having to shovel it out later when it is a block of heavy packed icy snow. So now I use the heel of my boot digging digging.. Finally feeling happy with the outcome of my endeavours I trudge through the crusty snow making my way over to the firewood. We just get things ready when I hear a truck.
Hellooooo there I call out, it is Roger and three of his children in a small pickup. It putt putts to a stop and out jumps Owen. I brought your new calendar he calls out. Okay as I trudge as fast as I can back over the crusted snow to them. Hows it I ask. Not too bad but the truck needs the tank taken out tonight and cleaned something causing it to choke every four to six miles. That makes a long trip for the children as they live eight miles past us and no school bus so have to be driven by family to the little school. We give them a box full of winter felt pack boots. As no one fits them here and they are still in good condition so someone might as well get some use out of them. They putt out the driveway and up the big hill towards their home and we come in to eat
Supper is over by four-thirty as we want to get the wood loaded into the truck. So back out we go. Tramp the cat comes with us. He climbs the gate and hangs on then scampers after the truck. When we are backed up and parked he has to stick his nose in the cab of the truck to check that out and then sit on the roof, down into the box where we are throwing wood. When dear Dennis gets in the box to stack the wood you can be sure that Tramp is there getting in the way but oooh sooo self- important.
There are no other lights to see in our area being as we are the only ones in our area. The redness in the sky to the east of us tells the tale of slash burning going on over there. W
e can hear the trucks and machines even though they are many miles away and over a couple of mountains. Sound carries pretty well with nothing to block its way. The air is mild slightly above freezing out but carries a dampness with it.
The truck is neatly stacked and parked now with a tarp over the load as it is for an old friend in trade for a welder he has.
We have our night's wood packed into the house and onto the porch for the morning.
The hard work for the day is done. Now the evening lies before us and we have some movies woo hoo! It is so fun to have movies I always make it at lea
st part ways through them before giving up the ghost ~~just sort of a practice run before actually going to bed to sleep. LOL
I have managed to organize some more of my upstairs room that someday I hope to call it a sewing room with guest beds in it. There is hope as I can see the beds now all neatly made up with their patchwork quilts on top of them. The boxes of toys and patterns that adorn the tops of the beds is a rude reminder that the room still needs some work before it is picture perfect.
The movies have started and all we need is popcorn ~~

And whatsoever ye do,
do it heartily,
as to the LORD,
and not to men. Colossians 3:23

Have a wonderful peaceful evening