Friday, January 23, 2009

That's the Way the Wind Blows

We had a short spell of warm weather, where the snow was soft and wet enough to make snowballs. The cold has come back and with it the wind. The temperature on the thermometer is not really all that cold at only -20 or so but the wind chills~~?
d up in a snow suit, down vest jacket and my scarf to save my poor ears with cotton baton stuffed into them. I managed to get the bunnies done. They were so happy to see me bring them water and food. The hay I brought them from the big round bale. That was a challenge breaking it off and fluffing it up but they happily got right into the hay and started digging at it and packing it to their nest. They are no dumb bunnies that is for sure! haha
I had to cut a bunch of the bale strings as the horses are pulling at the bale from the inside as it is not as frozen but somehow they are getting bale string all over the place and going to be tangled in it. That could prove disastrous. Don'
t want to be doctoring horse legs in this weather.
Hubert showed up late in the afternoon with another round bale for the horses so he and Dennis got that unloaded. They came in for coffee and cupcakes. Hubert is the first person we hav
e seen in quite a few days. Had a good visit talking about rounding up slicks(wild horses) There are lots in this area. Doctoring animals and getting out of peat bogs. Some good laughs anyhow.
I am do
wn to the last four squares to handquilt. Then I can do the border and be done with it. Yay!
In the meantime I have to plan the days menu. There is always the toilet to scrub out or dishes to do and the fridge
is looking a little like it could use some loving attention.The dogs are good at keeping me on top of the floors.I really love dogs and cats too. I do not love dog hair all over the floor and floating around the house. We have five dogs in here in this weather. They are in and out all day long. The cats are in for the night and go out through the day unless it is really cold. In this wind we let them in. I don't want them to freeze their ears. The one old cat we have here that we are babysitting spent a winter in Saskatchewan one year and the folks there would not let him in when they were babysitting him and he froze his ears so is missing the tips. Poor old guy. One eye is gone as he had a fight one winter. I saved him from being put down but He lost the sight of his eye.It was a lot of hard and consistent work to doctor that eye and almost gave up But hooray the perserverance paid off. The old boy is alive and well. Has charcter ~~right!?
This day is getting on so I had better go do something of importance like make breakfast.

The rich and the poor have this in common,
The LORD is the maker of them all.
Proverbs 22:2

The wind blowing this way and that ~~
I try to stay focused on my plans for the day.
Keep your ears warm and Have a great day

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Naise said...

Our three dogs keep me occupied with cleaning the floor, and the chairs, and the doors, and everything else!
Have a good weekend!