Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chickadees and Cow Carcass

What a warm day we have had today. After another big snowstorm yesterday. Just unbelievable. Today the sun shone brightly. The snow slid off the roof in heavy clumps. For the first time in a long time you can actually pack the snow into a snowball. That is how warm it is! If one was into taking the time you could probably make a snowman.
Instead I have been cleaning house and wash
ed the dog bedding. I have all the squares and appliques cut out now for the quilt and am ready set to start the machine embroidering on them. That should keep me busy for a good while. Then there is the batting and the backing to put in place. I don't have many days left to have it all done. Quite a challenge all of a sudden.
It is so nice to see the little chickadees back. They are flitting into the f
eeders. And now that there is a dead cow carcass in the yard they are sitting on that and helping themselves to fat. Good for them. Poor little things have had a hard go of it the last few weeks.
The dogs are happy to have the cow to eat too. All round it is a happy place to be this day. Especially if you like to chew on a dead cow.
Yesterday while Dennis was over at a friend's ranch killing the cow and loading it into the truck in white out conditions he dropped me off at another
friend's ranch nearby. We had a good time albeit short time and made a few cards. That is always fun!
Now as I listen to the crackling of the wood heater I am thinking it is time to make some supper around here. I am making pork chops and mashed potatoes, cooked beets, and some applesauce(canned from the last applesauce canning bout) Not sure if I will do any baking.

The grace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with all of you.Amen
Philippians 4:23

Have a nice cozy evening


Naise said...

I love chickadees, one's recently been trying to make a home in the end of my closeline pole! So funny!
No wood fire here this evening...yours sounds cozy.

Sharon said...

I'm glad your dogs were provided with the meat for this cold weather, as well as the chickadees. They're are adorable little birds :)

We're discussing a wood stove for our house because our last 3 light bills were over $400 a month :( We'll be able to make it through this season but we have to find some alternative before next winter.

Good luck with the quilt Roxanne,

Linda said...

Glad your dogs are having their winter feast! Not too hard to convince them to stay out of the garbage when they have a whole cow to munch on! LOL! I too love chickadees. I know some people consider them " common" like wild daisies ( love them too) but they are probably my favorite birds. I even like the crows, because I can imitate their calls and they answer me back. You know what it's like when you're out in the boonies without other humans for a while - us gals start talking to the animals! haha