Saturday, January 10, 2009

Life This Side of the Moon

My mother use to play a song all the time~~In the Misty Moonlight by the flickering fire light everything is all right ~~~by Hank Snow Sr.
It seems so~~just that way in the moonlight that is lighting the wee morning hours. Casting shadows from th
e trees over the glistening snow. It washes over the river ice and all about us. Shining through our bedroom window. Cats sitting on the window sill basking in the moonrays. Watching for movements of mice running across the crusted snow. It also makes me think of Cat Steven's song ~~Moonshadows Moonshadows. It really does make one want to go out leaping and hopping in the moon shadows.
I sit here instead wrapped in a blanket getting the morning
fire stoked up and tryping not to freeze my toes and fingers. It is chilly this morning but really only -12 so not that bad just need to get some heat to come into this room.
Our trip to town was fun even if we didn't strike it rich or anything like that. Actually got some things accomplished~~no money to pay bills but that is the way it goes sometimes. The good things are delivering Christmas presents to Grandchildren and our Malcolm even got his lumberjack monkey pillow. Hooray! and the little fleece sleepers that I
sewed for his baby brother look like they are not as big as I thought they were going to be so that is fun too. got letters mailed and some other business done. Was given a $25 gift card for the grocery store so managed to get butter and flour. We even got cat food. Woo Woo!Got to go have tea with friends and stop by a ranch on our way home and have more tea and some anniversary cake they had left over. Fun
Today I can make some pies as my friend, Jean gave me some pig fat she had rendered down. It is beautiful white lard. And she gave me lots of wild blueberries and wild gooseberries and sask
atoons too. She loves to pick and has way too many berries. I still have some saskatoons and wild blueberries. The gooseberries are a treat. Jean and I and Rose love to go picking wild berries together. Poor Jean has very crippled up hands ~~nonetheless I would like to see someone who could out pick her. There is nothing wrong with my hands and I can pick wild berries pretty fast and she can still out pick me.
So baking is on my list of to do things today and sewing on the quilt. Not much time left for that and not sure I can have it ready on the big birthday day but will give it my best shot.
In all th
e quietness of winter here there is still life going on around us. Chickadees are busy at the feeders and the cow carcass, whiskey jacks with their cheekiness show up with their antics. The wolf is coming around but still at a distance. We see him off and on now. I say him cause most of the time a lone wolf is a male but not always just mostly.
My Dennis hauled the cow guts out the back of the corrals. That was a job and a half as he had
to dig the gates out of the snow and then got himself stuck. I was just going to go see how he was doing when he showed up back at the house.Time for tea dear!?
Dogs an
d cats are stretched out comfortably groaning in front of the fire. This is the life I tell ya! Sleep get up, go outside eat on raw beef, bark around awhile,(the cats check out the bird feeder situation) check out the cows and horses just to let them know you are around and come back in and stretch out in front of the fire. All in a days work eh!
Misty moonlight pours in on my morning covering the early day with its silent beauty.I empty my cup of tea and wiggle my toes to keep them from succumbing to numbness. The basement air breezes up through the wood floor boards. My toes are becoming wooden.
But my day has surely started. Thinking I will go soak up some of that crackling fire"light" warmth.

The nigh
t will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.
Psalm 139:12

I found this little prayer I will share with you:
of the day and night, pursue us with your love and find us
wherever we may be hiding.
Help us to recognize your love and care and
to find comfort in you. Amen
Amen A


Linda said...

Everything looks so much more beautiful by moonlight. Something you don't get to see unless you live outside of town. It seems to calm my soul, to just gaze out at the snow and trees. The other night I was outside, and there was this light breeze with the scent of incoming snow. I just closed my eyes and just stood there, absorbing it ( hard to explain but you probably know what I mean)

PS It's always the toes that get the coldest isn't it?

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

As usual I love reading your posts.
Thanks for sharing your days.


Naise said...

Thanks for the encouragement to homeschool again! Seriously... I read your posts and realize what a wimp I am. I complain when the temps. drop to the 20's and my house is 65!!!! That's what I get for spending so much time in the Southwest and Southeast!
Have a wonderful evening looking at the moonlight. I hear last night was the biggest moon of '09.