Friday, January 16, 2009

A Friday In January

In comes the coyote pack with their yipping and yapping. Driving the dogs crazy and making the horses just a little nervous. I am thankful for them though cause between them and the ravens they have pretty well cleaned up the ugly mass of cow guts at the back corral. Just what we were hoping for. Scavengers have their uses! I wonder if that could be called "green" disposal of garbage? Oh well~~~
I have had a bit of a time getting my internet service to stay on when
using it or taking waaaay to long to load but this morning it seems to be in a good mood so I will take advantage of it whilst I can.
In the last three days I have managed to clean house, cook, bake, sew, feed animals, water animals, make a snowman and actually it turned out to be a snowgirl, walk in the deepening snow, pack firewood,talk on the phone, listen to coyotes, watch ravens, chickadees, whiskey jacks, a wolf, play with dogs, hmmmm the list goes on and on.
The puppies stole one of the arms off of my poor snowgirl and in the warmer temps the snow on one side kind of sunk a little so she is listing now. Poor thing!

One day we had 3 vehicles go by wow! Probably time to move the TRAFFIC!!hahaha that was after a week of no traffic. Except the snowplow truck.
My exciting news is the quilt top is done. So now I have to put it all together and hand quilt it. I should be done sometime next year! Not really ~~hoping it will be done in a week or so.
Mail day today and that is exciting. I think~~ I hope. Not that anyone ever writes handw
ritten letters anymore. I have started to write a letter here and there randomly just to do it. Think once in awhile someone out there might enjoy getting a piece of mail that isn't junk mail or bills.
I found this little definition in a book thought it was worth sharing:
Dr. Eugene Swearingen
I had to laugh at that!
We may be heading into town later today so I should probably go before it is daylight here and
get the things done that need doing. I would like to sew the backing together on the quilt and get the layers laid out and pinned today so really do have to go and do that.
This morning I will make bacon and eggs and fried potatoes. We can actually get some more eggs from a friend so Yay can have eggs for breakie!
Have to take some bread out of the freezer too. Will probably have to bake more bread tomorrow. It was sure fun to have made all that bread before the Christmas season ~~I haven't made any bread for a few weeks. Almost unheard of!

Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before Kings:
he shall not stand before mean men.
Proverbs 22:29

Have a great day doing the things that need doing
God Bless


Sharon said...

I enjoy getting those hand written letters in the mail. If I'm lucky I might get one or two a year. I'm thinking if I sent more, I'd receive more lol! That's normally how it goes isn't it?

I liked that definition you shared. I've never been one to try to "keep up with the Jones' " so, I really found that hilarious.

I wanted to thank you for praying for me this week :)

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Enjoyed the post. I know many people (some are close family members) who fit the definiion of status that you found in your book. Sadly, they are not very happy and probably never will be unless they change the way they live. Thanks for sharing.


Linda said...

Aw Roxy, how kind of you to feed the wild animals! GRIN! Helping those endangered species! Got a good laugh out of the mind picture of your pups attacking that poor innocent snow woman!