Saturday, January 3, 2009

Focusing and Decisions

This morning my head is swirling with things to do, things to change in my life. Whether it is my thoughts or my physical actions. There is a dryer to be thawed with frozen fabric in it for a quilt I want to make for the birthday of a grandson in the near future here. There are chores to do inside and outside. There is organizing of sewing stuffs and patterns. Organizing of scrapbooking supplies and card making supplies. There are people to pray for ~~friends, relatives, neighbours, even some I have never met but request prayer, our own children and their spouses and the grandchildren, church family, pastors and families ~~~dogs to train at least to learn all their basic manners, meals to cook, animals to feed. Housecleaning to do. Snow to shovel and wood to chop and pack in. And I am going to do all this in one day oh don't forget baking and phone calls.
Nope I don't think so. There is so much in my head that I can't even prioritize for my usual list making for the day~~Think I will be the one "Standing in the need of prayer" today. After some prayer I will eventually get some kind of list written and do it. I think I will make a few lists and see if that helps~~
My brother and his wife sent me a couple of pictures of their beautiful horses. They raise th
em with Olympic disciplines as their goals. They are Hanoverians used for hunting and jumping. My sister-in-law is very into these disciplines. My brother who is a farrier and horsebreaker cowboy does alot of the breaking and the two of them work out the training. Not your Nazkotian horse types that roam the wilds here and get grabbed up broke and ridden~~these horses of theirs are worth $40,000 so way out of our league. But we admire them just the same. Some of these horses have won some very prestigious (sp) trophies and prizes. Even top horse of Canada. Pretty cool.They sell and ship them to some very far away places. Reaching people in the Northwest Territories to way down into the states to way back east. Pretty unreal when one thinks of it and knows they just live in the north on their 160 acre ranch. Just seemingly ordinary ranch folk. Well all I can say is Good for them! That is just wonderful!
I have been searching for Buffalo Wool ~~that is a challenge ~~I really want some and it needs to be affordable as I would love to knit Cowichin sweaters. I would rather it be as close as possible to send to us. There was a time one could go to Zellers and buy their Buffalo Wool but the times they are a changing. Which brings me to thinking about the Christian life~~
Is it a time for ch
ange? I wonder how many Christians out there are pleased with their walk with the LORD? Comfortable with living their lives the way they want too and God can just bless them. How scriptural are we to be anyhow?
Think I will go thaw out my dryer with the frozen fabric in it. My dryer is outside as no room in the inn here for it. LOL! So everyday in the cold it has a fit and freezes up so has to be heated up to get going again. I know what a bunch of hillbillies eh?

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily,
as to the LORD, and not unto men;
Knowing that of the LORD ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance:
for ye serve the LORD CHRIST.
ssians 3:23-24

Humbly going about my day


Sharon said...

How's the quilt coming along? I've put a lot of thought into the same things you mentioned as far as our Christianity and the life styles we choose. You're right. . .a change is needed (IMO) you know? I think more and more people will come to realize that as we get further along into this new year.

I hope you have a blessed day!

Linda said...

Roxy I sure love your blog! I haven't been able to post responses because either my computer or connection is being stubborn. Oh don't tell Davey I said that, he will think he has to come over and take it apart! haha I love the way your words put pictures in my head, the sights and smells and feelings of your days. The Lord bless your year with abundance and joy ( and safety for your family)

big hugs!! (((((hugs)))) Linda

Gramma Roxanne said...

Hey Hey there Linda don't feel bad half the time I can not remember how to post a comment on someone's blog ~~~DUH!! Anyways fun for you to stop by and I do read yours alot and one day I will even be able to comment hahaha

Sharon said...

PS...I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to enter ;)