Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wolves, a tragic accident and life on the ranch

We went off to visit at another ranch past ours last night and view the new puppies. St. Bernard and Great Pyrenees cross pups so cute and soooo big. We stayed for a visit and they told us of the pack of fourteen wolves they had come out of the bush. They tried to scare them off with a gun but the one wolf just came at them and barked like a dog. They have never seen anything like it before. The rest howled in the background. These folks have the wolves coming up to their house all last winter. Somehow they want to cut the pack down. Hard work.
We got news late last night that an old time friend and relative of my grandfather's fell out of his boat yesterday afternoon as he was pulling a net full of salmon out of the river. the boat overturned and he fell in. They tried to throw him a rope but he slipped away in the fast current and they are still trying to find the body. The Skeetchetsn Reserve will be in mourning. I am not sure when they will have the funeral yet. Usually when someone is lost in hat river at that spot they do not show up till they reach the sandbars in Spences Bridge area and that would take about three days. Oh how sad~~
Well I can not stay on here as I am off to babysit for the next two days at my son and daughter-in-laws' as my daughter-in-law is moving our daughter and husband up here. So here is praying everything works out for all. What a buys time it has been. They still have many many days of haying on the other ranch that is part of this one. Our haying is done on this ranch but it is smaller only 320 acres here. The other ranch is over 1000acres so yes it is a lot of work

God bless all of you

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bear Things

This photo is from a friend of ours ~it is four grizzlies swimming in Ootsa Lake BC
It is a cool morning here at just above the freezing point. Cows are grazing in the meadow, flock of crows is sitting on the old hay bales. Off and on they get squabbling over something. I hope this is just a family group that has been hanging out here the last while and not some indication of fall in the air. I love fall time I think it is my favourite season just not ready for winter yet. Nothing against winter just been a long winter this last one and kind of enjoying seeing the ground in greens and browns. Anyways not to think of winter at this point that would be just getting too way too futuristic!
Our garden is actually starting to be a garden again. Not a weed free garden but looks more like a garden. We have tomatoes in the green house that are getting a slight tinge of orange red to them. I can hardly wait to eat one of our own tomatoes! That will just be too fantastical! :)
Yesterday after being in and out of the house so many times I decided to go pick raspberries in a patch down by the garden. For some strange reason I walked over to a bone our dogs had in front of the rabbit cage. The rabbit cage is right beside the wall of the house out the kitchen porch door. Something about that bone had caught my eye. Looking at it there was a pile of bear droppings on it. Okay now that explains why one of the cats was tearing at the screen on our bedroom window trying to get in driving me crazy at 3 a.m. So now the poor doggies are on watch dog duty instead of lazing around all night under our bed.
We have a young bear that runs across the hay meadow everyday or almost everyday. A huge bear that crosses it whenever he feels like it. A mama bear with cubs and a mama bear with a cub. One of them was in our carrot patch in the last couple of days too. I still think bears in my garden are better than a friend of mine has in her garden~~copperhead snakes!! At least you can see the bears.
Today is Korean night in the village so am really looking forward to going there for supper. They come up once a year and do a culture sharing thing with the Reserve here. But everyone is invited to join in and eat supper there. They come up from the coast (Vancouver) and cook enough food for the whole community. There is Korean dancing and drumming etc. too They are a Korean Christian group. VBS is also held all this week down in the village. Very fun. I have never eaten Korean food so should be something especially when I am pretty traditional in my own food~~as in meat and potatoes, veggies, things like that.
In the meantime I am doing housework, weeding, gardening, raspberry picking when I can, baking, laundry, gathering some herbs,crocheting, and sewing. No boredom here. Hay is all in the stackyard and now it will soon be time to do the other ranch's hay.

The liberal soul shall be made fat:
and he that watereth
shall be watered also himself.
Proverbs 11:25

God's blessings upon you
Have a Beary good day

Saturday, August 8, 2009

hmmm Tornadoes!?

The sky has been hazed over by smoke, smoke and more smoke. What part of our province isn't smokey? Everywhere there is fires. One son phoned to wish his papa Happy birthday Last night and it was even smokey there in the Yukon. A daughter in the far northwestern corner of the province said there is a big fire near them too. Our big fire has reached 4000 hectares according to the grapevine ~~
The hay is coming off the meadow. I have had some time on the tractor moving bales too. Not loading them though not quite at that professional stage yet. LOL
Yesterday in the early afternoon a wind came up while I was hanging out a little bit of laundry. I was thinking to myself man I am going to have to put lots of pins on these clothes to get them to stay on the line or maybe I should just take them off and put them in the dryer. The trees started getting whipped around and a strange sound like water in a large hose gone out of control I was thinking of the fire near us and looked to that direction to see if there was flames or something when down the river comes a whirlwind "water devil" instead of a dust devil. Hmm I will have to tell Dennis about this I thought as he slowly pulled out into the meadow with the tractor and trailer and the Blueberry dog trotting alongside him. Suddenly my little whirlwind thing got very big and very fast. Coming towards me. I am rooted in fascination to the spot by the clothesline when the water whirlwind started picking up huge pieces of debris off the river and banks heading straight for me. I was about to run when it just as suddenly changed direction and headed for some dead trees on a rise in the meadow. If you have ever seen the Tasmanian Devil that is what this was like as it tore up the trees ripping the old dead bark and branches off of them high into the air. Down it goes now it is heading for Dennis, the tractor and the dog. They have no idea. The huge chunks of wood and other debris is swirling madly high up in the air. Some of it being spit out here and there. I am praying Lord get Dennis to speed up or turn around it is going to hit him and it will kill the dog. She wouldn't have had a hope the wood chunks it was carrying were bigger and heavier than her so she would have just been swept up. Strangely the thing turned and headed for the river again down there. The debris flying here and there. some of it still being carried high high up in the air. For those of you who live in tornado areas this would have been nothing but here it is not the usual. the first time I have seen anything carry that much heavy wood and water with it. It really only took a few moments all in all. Very fast and very strange.
Today some of our family is coming out to have a birthday supper with the papa or granpa depending on your perspective of this special man of mine.
He should be finished hauling this hay today too. all is well here Even if the smoke is thick. There are actually clouds in the sky this morning. We can see the sky so maybe we will soon see some rain that would be nice. Apparently our daughter up north said it had started raining there so maybe it will head down this way.

But as for you,
Be strong and do not give up,
for your work will be rewarded.
2 Chronicles 15:7
Have a nice Saturday

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Corrals and Hay Bales

The big corral is full of mooing critters. Calves are frolicking around in the morning coolness. Heavy dark clouds and red sky. Praying that the rain will hold off long enough to get the square bales in off the fields. It will be a long day today for all involved in the gathering of it all and hauling it to the appropiate places.
I have things cooking as I get what I can together for helping out with a supper tonight. It is also kind of a birthday supper for our oldest son. His birthday was on Tuesday. So much has been going on since then ( in our little life anyhow) that Tuesday seems like eons ago.
I have a shirt I am making for him almost finished. The needle for some strange reason fell out of the sewing machine while I was sewing last night and bent so I just quit and will finish this morning I am just on the hemming and have to put the snaps on it and it will be done.
The two dogs and I put these bad cows and calves and the bull back. Let's see we got them rounded up and headed back in the right direction. I had the gate to the back corral open for them but of course being the knotheads that they are they went straight up the fenceline. The dogs and I came back to the house. I knew eventually the bunch would come back and they did some hours later! PTL. I was able to go down and close the gate on them and open another corral gate so that they can get to water. All is well except that they have to be taken back out to the range yet again. But they are not down in the haymeadow reeking havoc on the huge round bales that are dotting the field.
The big old black bear came off the river while Hubert was finished haying for the day (a couple days ago now) He ws going to walk over to his pick up which was parked in the field too. As he gets out of the tractor he said that big huge old guy got up on his hind legs and started walking straight for him. Hubert kept heading for his pickup when the bear got down and still heading straight for him I guess Hubert sized up the distance to the truck and to the tractor and decided to go back to the tractor and drive to his pickup. Said he didn't know what that old geezard was thinking but he sure wasn't sticking around to find out either. Me wouldn't either! :)
It is a busy morning here so had better finish up the cooking and get things packed up to go.

...with God all things are possible.
Mattew 19:26

God Bless your day richly