Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yesterday was one of our grandson's birthdays. This one just turned seven and he was excited to have his birthday party on this coming Saturday. Mommy was going to make him a snowboard cake!?? So fun!
I spent my day working around here inside and out. There was housework to do. I got my beef broth skimmed and the tallow saved for my husband's reloading~~in case you don't know what they use tallow for in reloading it is used to help get impurities out of the lead etc. ~~I took all the bones out of the broth and scraped the meat off of them as Dennis bagged the jell into freezer bags for later soups. Got a nice pot of beef rice soup made. Put a stew in the slowcooker which I added dumplings to just before eating. There was cleaning to do and scrubbing things to do. Laundry then outside I went.
Shovelled my way into the rabbits and fed and watered them. Packed them some more hay. They are a happy little bunch. Walked down to the bridge and checked out the situation there. Not much change just lots of snow over the ice now. Made a snowman but haven't dressed him or her up yet. Shovelled some more snow. Came inside to get more work done in here and did the sewing I am finished the machine embroidering and now will hand embroider two squares and sew the squares together. Yay!!
Most of my
plans today are going to work around the quilting. I need to take time out to reorganize the sewing area. I can see in my mind's eye how I want things organized but can't see the room! Hahaha~~not quite that bad but getting pretty close with going through bin after bin of scraps of fabric looking for the perfect little piece. YIKES!! Anyways you can see the sewing machine and there is a path through the fabric scraps to the machine and that is what counts. Isn't it??
It is Tuesday today which means it is mail day out here. We may take the skidoo and go check our mailbox. Hubert may come with a load of hay too this day sometime. That would be good. Think the horses have one more big round bale. There is water to be packed to them too. Would to be chopped and stacked on the porch and of course the naked snowman needs to be dressed. Never a lack of things to do. Sometimes a shortage of time to do them. The morning is lighting up the day. Sky looks heavy so if it snows I will be blessed with more snow to shove
l. If I run out of ideas of thing sto do you can be sure God will give me something to do!
I have not yet decided the supper to have this evening ~~I could use up all the leftovers ~~or I could cook something special and have leftovers on another day. What do they call that day?? C.O
.R.D. Clean out the refridgerator day. or you could call it being frugal or the potluck day or help yourself food is in the fridge day. Well there you have it. I have to bake something too. People do stop by once in awhile for coffee so it is nice to have something but we seem to lack discipline and eat it all up and now am scared of scales.

...for my heart rejoiced in all my labour..
Ecclesiastes 2:10

A saying I found to share with you:
Enjoy your day


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave me the information on the natural remedies for my insomnia. If I can find all the ingredients, I plan to give it a try. Your ability to always stay busy is very inspiring to me. You amaze me with all that you do. Thank you and as always I look forward to your next post.


Naise said...

I hope you had a happy birthday!
Best wishes,