Monday, December 15, 2008


Of a morning wrapped in freezing we listen to the deep cold silence. The river can be heard as it tries to meander its way through the icy pathes. No breeze stirs as yet. Pups crunch across the frozen dry snow their romping is not for long. A quick piddle and zip around the trail they have made around the house and then look in the windows ~~hey mom let us back in~~sooo funny!The kitten had huddle up with them and covered in frost she decided they had the right idea~~INSIDE!! By the fire don't even need to be roasting chestnuts. Just roasting is good!
Yesterday in the midafternoon in came the last of the straying cows. Silly beasts waiting all this time to come in off the range. They are looking in pretty good shape so must have found someplace with a lot of will bark or aspen bark to eat and although things are pretty froze up around here there is stillopen water here and there. Although there is snow for them to eat not the best but can help with the moisture thing ~~Just one bull somewhere out there so prayerfully he will come in soon as this cold is predicted to last for a while here.
My sewing machine has broke down! OH NO!! I am really hoping and praying I can borrow my daughter-in-law's sewing machine to finish up some projects before Christmas. In the meantime I will crry on doing knitting, crocheting and baking.
Our last little grandson will be going home today as he Auntie that is here visiting will drop him off as she passes through town on her way back to Whistler. A long trip ahead of her.
I am loving the warmth and coziness of the great indoors! Smells of cooking and baking will fill the air and I will have no trouble finding things to do in here either. I can gaze out the window at my Currier and Ives scenery and love it with all my heart. If I think I am getting bored I can always wipe up another puppy puddle.
At some point today I will have to go pack in firewood and feed and water the bunnies. Go for a walk down the driveway. I made a barbwire wreath that is cool but it is not very visible down the driveway so decided I would bring it back to the house and put it up somewhere around here. Should make a trail to the ole outhouse too as if the power goes out for any extended period of time it comes in handy to visit that little shack.
ps I was rereading my last post (I think it was that one) and I wrote to God be the Gory! Excuse me the Gory?? How about the Glory!! LOL!

Forever, O LORD,
Your word is settled in heaven.
Psalm 119:89
Peace be with You

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