Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday and it Even Colder

The frost reaches the doorknob on the inside of the door
temperatures are in the minus 40's and we were to
go to town~~have parcels to put on the greyhound
and a son to pick up from the greyhound. It is so cold
that I am not sure w
hen we will be able to leave.I am
thinking we will have to put cardboard in front of the grill to keep the truck from freezing. Not a good time to be travelling around that is for sure.
Our seco
nd oldest son dropped in yesterday morning
and had breakfast with his papa. That was a pleasant surprise. His wife is home "alone" with their five children. Maybe not a big deal to some but with these temps and a house that is not very warm it is a BIG deal! So far their water has not frozen and they are still managing~~ Praise God!

Our oldest son and wife and four children have had their water frozen for quite awhile now~~I am thinking it has been for over a week could be wrong though. Whatever it is not an easy situation to be in. Especially when the little ones have been sick~~

I love candles and have found a few of them on different sites so it is always fun for me to post them. I want to make a lot of hand-dipped candles but need to buy wicking and more beeswax. So maybe next year as I just do not have enough time this year. Used to make tons of candles as along with our kerosene lamps that is what we used for light. I am thankful for better lighting now as it is hard on my eyes even with glasses on to see when sewing or beading. I do miss the evenings of soft light though. There is something peaceful about the lighting and amber glow of lamps lit with kerosene and candles burning. It just seems to soften the whole world~~~now if the power goes out even if I do love that light from softer glowing lamps I can hardly wait for the power to come back on.
Water and fridge and freezer and sewing machine and washing machine and things like that kind of need electricity. So Praise the LORD for electricity!
This is a day one needs warm insulated clothing if one plans on being outside longer than say about 5 minutes. Layers of clothing helps. One thing is the sun will shine and even if it is not full of warmth its brilliance helps a
nd it does warm things nonetheless.
Won't be long now before we will have the sound of little hooves trampling on our roofs(ves?) Have to make sure there is some hay out for them on these cold nights. Definitely an old fashioned Christmas weather wise anyhow. One good thing is they are from waaaaay up north so these temps will probably seem pretty balmy to them.
I still have more gifts to finish up. I have been sewing a lot and thinkin
g of the days when I used only my treadle sewing machine or the old little Singer sewing machine that one turned by hand. I love that little machine but the tension is off on it. My treadle the tension is off on it too. I need a new leather belt for it too. Not the easiest things to find these days. I have been told of Singer repair men in the Kamloops area and one day I shall find out ~~
In the meantime I use my daughter-in-law's Janome as my Janome is broke down. What a time to break down. I ca
n not afford to take it in to the sewing machine doctor. Prayerfully in the New Year.
It is getting light enough to see the fence now I can not tell yet if we have an ice mist or not it is still too dark for that. But I think I will go and get some things ready so we can go off to town sometime today.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousnes,
and all these things shall be added unto you.
Matthew 6:33
May the Peace of God wrap around you and yours

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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I love reading your posts. Often I feel like I am reading a page from one of my favorite books. I look forward to your next post.

P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing how you make your bread. I do plan to try and make some after the holidays.