Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fat Fluffy Flakes, Santa's Phone#,~~All is Calm

Johnny Cash sings in the background his Silent Night ~~fat fluffy flakes fall floating freely landing on the woodpiles, the truck, the cattle and horses even the puppies come in with the white fluffy stuff. Christmas Eve comes in on this silent evening and the ancient carol goes through my head~~Silent Night Holy Night all surely is calm and the snow bright even in the dark of the evening.
Candles big and small throw their amber light on the hand hewn log walls.This old pioneer house lends itself to the old timey Christmas. You can feel the spirit striving for the Christmases pas
t~~Wrangling cowboys smoking the smokes with the long ashes, stoking the fire, passing the bottle around and thinking of Christmases when they were boys running in the snow, feeding corraled wild horses and stoking their Christmas fires, their mother's cooking and their father's rough ways, but the night glows on and the present Christmas fire is cozy too. The talk of women they knew and horses and dogs. Oh yes they are all a story to them on this quiet night. Then someone tells of going to church and how they would go as a family and the others did too. Life moved in on them since that time and now that church experience is just a warm memory or to some of them a not so warm memory. Cruel priests are their memory. Cold nights and cold porridge fed to them three times a day. A shake of the head and another round of the bottle and some laughter. A starry night as one wanders out of doors in search of the little house with the moon in the door. Its a bright and chilly night and the cowboy sings to himself "Silent Night Holy Night All is Calm All is Bright~~

Praise the LORD!
For it is good to sing praises to our God;
For it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful.
Psalm 147:1

Christmas Eve and its own special reflections touch my heart and spirit Praying that for you too it is a special day Roxanne

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