Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good Morning to You

Sitting here sipping my morning cup of tea before the day really gets going~~The temperature is still close to minus 40 this morning so I already know that the first part of daylight will be packing water to the cows, bull and horses not to forget the rabbits in the greenhouse. They are loving the greenhouse and have deep tunnels they carry their hay into. It keeps them busy and warm all at the same time. The three bunnies are all old bunnies now. I wasn't even sure they would live the winter but so far they are just thriving away. Coming to meet me at the door when I go in to feed them and give them water and hay.
I actually love th
e cold cold. It is just that it is like a big storm or something like that where man kind can not control it ~~an awesome act of God~~and yes it is dangerous and challenging. . It is hard on the animals too and the woodpile. Vehicles grueling away trying to keep running. The air you breathe is so cold that you should not move too fast ~~like running~~for those of you who do not know this kind of weather ~~~running for not very long could freeze your lungs. It is not too bad if there is no breeze or wind. Exposed skin gets prickling pretty fast but you add wind and well you just don't need a face anyhow. Right? Oil freezes up actually it gets too thick to pour. The dogs' footpads get cold and hard and crack if out too long. On and on the list goes with frozen pipes, getting stuck in the cold, hungry wolves coming in and killing cattle, fashions become nonexistent for the most part as one does not care how stylin' they are. Warmth and protection are the order of the day.
Yet even with all this I have this love for the cold cold with it s ice crystals floating in the air and its beautiful sunshine. The bluish snow. The incredible silence. The sound o
f the breeze that whooooooose across the snow lifting dry snow crystals and
sweeping it along to land against things.
It is not my pleasure to work out in it for long though so I think you could easily label me a fickle lover. Frozen toes and fingers and face hurt!
In all this cold we have the river just outside our kitchen window or dining room window (it is all one room) but on the table side ~~frozen the little island is covered in big ice chunks. The river is so jammed up with ice and now it is forcing the water table to rise and come in the dirt floor of our dug out basement. The floor is getting more and more water in it everyday as it slowly seeps in. Anyways the pretty winter scene is a better thing to concentrate on for now ~~~
One of the nicest things about the cold cold is being inside a warm warm cozy home. With fires crackling and the smells of cooking wafting through the air. One really appreciates one's home in the temperatures we have been having. Maybe that is one of the things I love the most about the deep cold is the home hearth
so to speak.
I have lots to do inside today as I finish up the things I have been making. There is also some baking awaiting me and cleaning to do.
I have made such a mess of my sewing area looking for that just right piece of fabric so think I should try to put the mountains of fabric scraps back into their bins in some kind of organized manner.
There is always something to do so being bored is more of a choice one makes rather than actually not having something to do. I need to find a source of Buffalo Wool to for my next years projects. I have found some sites for Buffalo Wool on the internet but need to concentrate on that soon probably after the Christmas season. I want to knit some Cowichan sweaters. I love them and one use to be able to buy the wool anywhere but now one can hardly find wool anywhere. When one does you have to sell the ranch to buy it. Unreal!! Old knitting patterns just took it for granted you would always have the wool available. ~~
Thinking of Christmas and Christmas things occupies my thoughts at present ~~and although I do have a love for winter and the cold that comes with it ~~I do pray and hope it will break for a few days at least by Christmas so that our "children" and their families can safely leave their homes to come out and visit.
For the Father Himself loves you, because you have loved Me,
and have believed that I came forth from God. John 16:27

With the temperatures and the weather as it is I pray that all can still do what needs doing and your day is still a blessing in His sight.

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Linda said...

Merry Christmas to you! Love reading your posts! Makes me almost want to be there ....for a few hours anyways..smile! It's not as cold here, but I sure am missing our wood heat!