Monday, December 29, 2008

Praises for Monday

To many Monday brings a feeling bordering on dread. I can not say I blame those who have to fight traffic, plow through rude people, travel on buses, to a job they can hardly bear~~ I am so sorry they have to go through this~~
at our home Mondays bring joy just as much as Fridays or Sundays. There are chores to do and weather to contend with ~~there are challenges pleasant and not so pleasant. Friends that go out of their way to drop by and say hello. I wish that all could enjoy Mondays too.
The dogs and bunnies got their treats I m
ade them yesterday. Everyone loved them so that is encouraging. although I would like to make a different experimental biscuit next time (tomorrow) for the dogs. I have somethng in mind that will be like a baby's teething cookie but not quite so messy. Like store bought treats but made at home so the thinking and experimenting go on. In the meantime the dogs are quite more than willing to gobble up what I do make and even if I consider them a failure you would have a hard time convincing the dogs.
With the company and a good book to read I have to admit that I allowed myself to be distracted from the things I was going to do today. Like finish that last
little toque and some of the sewing projects so that I can get back at hand embroidery and beadwork. I love to do loom beading. But I love admiring all kinds of beading. One could never tire of the many different types of beading and things to bead. and the beads themselves are fascinating. There is something that comes out of ones heart and grows like a painting when beading a hatband or belt or strap of one sort or another. I like to bead on clothing too but haven't done that for awhile. I will soon do some of it though.
The sump pump is about ready to be put in the water in the basement. It will be a lot easier to keep the fire going in the wood heater down there when one does not have to wade to the heater. Not to good that.
No wolf seen again these last couple days so am hoping he was just passing
through and not casing the place. It is a cold winter and the wolf packs in the area are quite big. They have killed a few head of cattle now. Not on our ranch but another ranch a ways from here. Not too good. Wolves are pretty awesome animals but when they are affecting your livlihood well that is another story. We really don't want them hanging around. No matter how awesome they are its better they are awesome out there somewhere not right here at ones home.
The evening is wearing on now and my bed is calling out my name so think I will go answer it.

Sing psalms to Him,
talk of all His wondrous works!
1 Chronicles 16:9


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