Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Loooong But Interesting Day

It started out like an ordinary cold morning. The sun rose unveiling a slightly warmer morn. the horses came down to get a drink from the frozen overrun the river ice has caused. dennis went out and chopped a hole for them and then the bull and cows came and got a drink too.
Some breakfast and then the preparations for town , getting Christmas cards together, presents, cinnamon buns to be delivered to some friends on the way.The weather is still good and cold. Bunnies fed and watered same with cats dog. We load up the truck pups and Blueberry dog too and off we go.
A long wait at the cafe half way to town for the mail lady. Kenny comes out ~~He is one of the hired hands from another ranch. You guys want some dog food we got three dead cows~~Two cows froze and one the wolves ripped the throat out. The two that froze we figure the wolves ran them and they froze their lungs. The older one's nose was froze solid. The bummers of cold. We keep a close eye on noses especially the horses. Some winters one has to do shift work for days and nights thawing the ice off of noses. It is hard work.
Things get done in town and by golly if it hasn't warmed up enough to snow. Great!! Just what we wanted with our poor tires so off to home we head. Stop by some friends for tea and are given a big roast of beef. Head off from there with the snow swirling and drifting. Our one tire is running out of air. Well only an hour left to go and we will be home should be able to make it. And we do~~~
Now as I sit relaxing with my cup of peppermint tea after feeding animals and letting them in and out and in and out and having brought everything in from the truck ~~My dear Dennis says come out here Roxanne~~okay I do so and oh my gosh NONONONO!!The river ice has dammed up the river and our whole meadow is full of running water and it is rising to the house and to our landlady's cabin
It is late and my husband has gone to see if we need to lift things off the floor in the cabin he will be back soon so I will prepare for the worse. It is not far from the house we are in either> If it fills our basement we will not be able to use the wood heater in there with out swimming and if the temp drops we will be in for some tough times.

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.
Galatians 6:9


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I pray the water stays away from you home. Please keep us posted. I wish you the best.


Gramma Roxanne said...

Thank-you for your concerns Elizabeth~~Hope the rain stops for you too Still very cold here. Roxanne