Sunday, December 14, 2008

Minus 34 or 35 Moonlight Reflections

Following the big Christmas Ball Moon home last night with children talking about moose and moons and bears too.The wind is so very cold. Nice to come into a warm fire in the kitchen wood heater. Dennis and the little ones lit the downstairs heater too. Then supper and everyone settled in for the evening not too bad either.
This last week with getting ready for Christmas and the cold weather blowing in and snow snow snow has had its unfolding dramatic story. I was called one evening by my mother and given the terrible news that my drug addicted drug pushing cousin who was thought to be lying low from the police was discovered dead in his apartment. Murdered! A story that does not run well with the Christmas scene.
But now there is this morning full of four little boys and one little darling girl. And very cold temps with the scientists coming soon to store their fancy skidoos in our barn. The living room has a lovely Christmas tree up and trimmed, cats snoozing around, boys bed bouncing and talking of ~~shhhh~~~farting and stinky breath~~okay boys onto a different subject~~Beds and more beds.
Puppies are now also alive and lively and very awake. The moon shining on the new fallen snow has given a lustre of cold to all of us here below!!
The Advent Candles are such a part of our Christmas this third Advent Sunday. Not too much longer to the big joyous event. The song "What Child is This?" is singing in my head
I love the candles of Christmas.Their fire gives joy and warmth and light.
Quietly spreading bright cheer throughout the room.
You will guide me with Your counsel,
And afterward receive me to glory.
Psalm 73:24
I pray that all out there too have some warm bright Christmassy cheer coming your way no matter what kind of tribulations you are going through. To God Be the Gory!Roxanne

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Linda said...

Hi Roxy! Happily I found your blog and so much enjoying reading it! I realize how much I miss you all. I remember when Teddy was an adorable baby in diapers and now he is having arguments with bulls and surviving! Aren't grandkids a true joy!?