Monday, July 27, 2009

A "Monderful" Monday Morning

The mists rising off of the river. A pretty doe standing in the hay field up here near the house.Freshly mown hay laying in the field and the morning sunshine. It is a "monderful" Monday to be sure!
Today when the dew dries off the hay it will be raked and baled into large round bales.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny summery day too. In the early morning we did our chores. My husband went over to the haymeadow on the other side of the river. He was bucking the blow down and moving it out of the way so that the tractor and swather could get in there. Woody and I went looking for the trail at one point and gave up and came back got out the coffee and cookies and paraphenalia that goes along with that. Put it out near the bench on the bank in the shade and sure enough along came Dennis and then Hubert and then Al and some friends from Sherbrooke Quebec
! Nobody was in a hurry and sat around eating cookies and drinking coffee and talking about things that should be getting done, have been done, and will be done!
Eventually all of us decided it was time to actually get into action heat or no heat.
I finished baking bread and made ham and potato salad. Hubert came in and ate with us. We then headed off to house church and Hubert went home taking some movies with him.
We dropped off Bob and his wee daughter after church. Bob is an artist that comes to church with us usually walking from his home. He has two little ones. He told us he doesn't get many visitors at his house cause he doesn't drink anymore. We will make a concerted effort to drop by not that we go out that often but we can stop by as he is on this end of the reservation.

Today I am getting ready to do some mundane housework things but I love to do that so it is not mundane to me just to write about. I want to finish tracing a shirt pattern and finish sewing a shirt I am making for our son-in-law for his birthday which was on Sunday. I guess better late than never is my motto! I am behind on some birthday presents but slowly but surely I am getting them caught up. That is my goal.

For You are my lamp, O LORD;
The LORD shall enlighten my darkness.
2 Samuel 22:29

God bless and have a
ps one of our grandsons that was here on the week-end loved the Donald Duck picture! So it is for him

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