Friday, July 3, 2009

Just a Light Frost

Cats are chasing each other around and the sun is shining and the dust from the logging trucks is drifting across our fields. Kind of throws a monkey wrench into the pristine picture. But no cows hanging around the fence or on the road making the logging trucks gear down and bump their way down the road trying not to hit a herd of the silly things.
Dennis and I and two of the dogs took that herd of 18 cow
s and calves for a walk back out to the range area where they are suppose to be. Here is hoping they stay there for awhile. It is not the safest thing in the world trying to herd them up a steep hill that has narrow corners on it and logging trucks coming and going. We made it off the road and onto the trail just as a truck came. PTL we were not on the road still. The dogs did such a good job too. That is always exciting and encouraging. Blueberry is two and Sassy is not even a year old yet. They listen good and will come back. Now to get them to come back when chasing squirrels!
We are off today to work on our pastors house. Have a lunch to pack and supper to put together so we can come home to it. Love slow cookers!
Our garden is getting planted and close to done. A few more hours and we should have it licked for sure. Plants are coming up in what is planted and the weeding needs to be done now. I refuse to weed this garden until it is all planted. I am hoping and praying that this evening I can get another row or two in.
Managed to get quite a bit done yesterday even with the hike out with the cows. We need to have some time to do fishing. Maybe in a couple weeks. We have to finish painting this house for the pastor and family and get some more fencing done then just maybe we can take a little time out to fish. Besides that we n
eed to buy fishing licenses.
Better go

And he saith unto them,
Follow me and I will make
you fishers of men.
Matthew 4:19

Have a happy day

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