Monday, July 20, 2009

Singing of the Mercies of the LORD!

The last few days have been so very busy here even with all the rainstorms. This week-end was the Billy Barker Days week-end. For those of you who do not know what that is it is a time when the town of Quesnel takes time to celebrate the beginnings of the town. Its history especially how it got kick started with the Gold rush days of the 1800's. Billy Barker made the first big strike in the now ghost town of Barkerville. That town is resurrected and a big tourist attraction. All done up in the days of it livliehood. Houses and stores and courthouse etc are all restored. Because of the gold there Quesnel grew. People dress-up in the clothes that were popular at that time period.(not all people dressup but lots do) There is many things to do from mud-bogging to rodeoing.Parade and fireworks and the dreaded beer gardens get set up but all in all there is lots of ways to spend your hard earned cash. Lots of street booths with pretties to buy and don't forget the carnival grounds where you can go on tons of rides. Music in the park and church service there too. I have only mentioned some things cause I really did not mean to get off on a trail about Billy Barker Days. The exciting part for us was getting a chance to see a couple of our sons that were passing through town. One was working and going onto somewhere else the other one was rodeoing in Alberta. He came with his buddies who were participating in the BBDAys rodeo. Even a grandson or two were there at the rodeo grounds.
We did not stay in town long though. Came ho
me changed and went to work here. I ran the push weed whacker and my husband got himself all oily working on the truck.
This morning finds us under a beautiful clear blue summery sky. Heavy dew with a temperature of about 3 above. Or
maybe 36 in farenheit.Thereabouts anyhow. The sunshine is quickly warming the ground and it won't be too long before the dew evaporates. The mist along the riverbanks looks so awesome in the early morning but it too is already burning off. I have more weed-whacking to do and the list of things to do today would choke a horse. I won't bother posting all the things I have to do or should do or hope to do. Just suffice it to say that there is lots to do!
Our little happy h
ens are laying eight eggs a day most of the time so that is fun. We have eggs!! Cleaning their house would be another to-do thing today.
The piggie
s are really growing. The last time we had some grandchildren here the boys were running around playing with the little piggies. Not so sure they would want to play with them now that is how fast they have grown.
I can hardly wait for the grasses and flowers to dry off this morning. I want to press a bunch of flowers. I love doing that just have not decided
what to do with them after they are dry but I have lots of ideas just nothing settled yet.
My tea cup is running low so will go fill it up again.

I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever:
with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness
to all generations.

Psalm 89:1

God Bless Your week

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