Saturday, August 1, 2009

Corrals and Hay Bales

The big corral is full of mooing critters. Calves are frolicking around in the morning coolness. Heavy dark clouds and red sky. Praying that the rain will hold off long enough to get the square bales in off the fields. It will be a long day today for all involved in the gathering of it all and hauling it to the appropiate places.
I have things cooking as I get what I can together for helping out with a supper tonight. It is also kind of a birthday supper for our oldest son. His birthday was on Tuesday. So much has been going on since then ( in our little life anyhow) that Tuesday seems like eons ago.
I have a shirt I am making for him almost finished. The needle for some strange reason fell out of the sewing machine while I was sewing last night and bent so I just quit and will finish this morning I am just on the hemming and have to put the snaps on it and it will be done.
The two dogs and I put these bad cows and calves and the bull back. Let's see we got them rounded up and headed back in the right direction. I had the gate to the back corral open for them but of course being the knotheads that they are they went straight up the fenceline. The dogs and I came back to the house. I knew eventually the bunch would come back and they did some hours later! PTL. I was able to go down and close the gate on them and open another corral gate so that they can get to water. All is well except that they have to be taken back out to the range yet again. But they are not down in the haymeadow reeking havoc on the huge round bales that are dotting the field.
The big old black bear came off the river while Hubert was finished haying for the day (a couple days ago now) He ws going to walk over to his pick up which was parked in the field too. As he gets out of the tractor he said that big huge old guy got up on his hind legs and started walking straight for him. Hubert kept heading for his pickup when the bear got down and still heading straight for him I guess Hubert sized up the distance to the truck and to the tractor and decided to go back to the tractor and drive to his pickup. Said he didn't know what that old geezard was thinking but he sure wasn't sticking around to find out either. Me wouldn't either! :)
It is a busy morning here so had better finish up the cooking and get things packed up to go.

...with God all things are possible.
Mattew 19:26

God Bless your day richly

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