Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morning Sunshine through the Mist

The sun shining through the morning mist, the mist rising off the river and the hay-meadow, small herd of cows LOCKED into a large corral, this is my morning. Today is the day thecows and calves that are here will have their perspective changed and will be herded back WAAAAY back onto the range and prayerfully won't be back here till fall. (well one can dream can't one?)
A fun birthday party yesterday for a friend and one of our now sweet little six year old grandsons. They really do grow up too fast. I know it is an old cliche but it seems like just the other day he was a baby. It is fun to see them grow up. And Granpa made their day (evening) by rallying the truck for them and blowing the muffler once again. There was a little crew of grandson
s under the truck helping him tie it back up. LOL and cheers of "do it again granpa!!" aaahh NO but he did!
We have a very loud truck for awhile.

Company coming for the week-end and that should all be fun fun. They want to fish in this famous fishing river we live on ~~and claim as "our" river as if a river ever belonged to anyone.
Smoke in the air for the last couple of days. Not sure where that is coming from. Someone mentioned last night that there was a fire up around Whitehorse Yukon. I just pray it isn't nearby. One would think with all the rain we have had the last few weeks that nothing could burn. Not sure what the weather has been in the Yukon thoug
h maybe they have been really dry.
So today I will be getting ready for company and the cows being sent out of here with someone taking them out using horses so they will be gone way back out on the range. There is a herd of horses of about 40 of them coming soon to stay the night in our corrals before they get pushed out onto the range too. They were suppose to be here the other day but I guess they will be here when they get here.
Our garden needs weeding. I want to make scarecrows for it. The baking needs to be done, some mending needs to be done, some fun sewing to be done
~~anything that isn't mending is FUN! Still plugging away at yet more crocheting projects and wanting to knit. I really need to learn how to work in my sleep or maybe I should just give up SLEEP You could get so much done if you didn't "waste" time in bed sleeping.
But seeing as it is already 6:30ish a.m. I had better get off of here
and go do some of these pressing projects.
To our grandchildren ~~we saw a lynx last night on our way home!

...Jesus came and stood in the midst,
and said to them,
"Peace be with you."
John 20:19

May God's peace reign in your hearts
this day that the LORD hath made.

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Lisa said...

Hope you have a fun weekend with your company.

I would love to be there to watch the cattle be hearded back.
Here on our farm the cows are always around.

Bet that truck is loud....LOL! What a wonderful memories those grandkids are gonna have. :o)