Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cows,Black Fox, and a Coyote

Not sure where to start today. How about with the rain we need but not really wanted by most folks. Being as it is suppose to be summer and the theme song is Summer in the City or Summertime Blues doesn't seem to really fit here. No steaming heat rising off the dirt(no pavement)
But we do have the dirty dust-raising cows and logging trucks.The cows have been giving us a run for our money the last few days. Yesterday we managed to get them all into the corrals. I think there is still a couple around the back fence but not sure where they got off to. There is now some 40 head of c
ows bunched into the corrals waiting to be pushed back out onto the range where they are suppose to be. Where there is tons of grass and salt blocks out there for them and lots of water. In other words they are here only because they are brats and like getting into the big hay-meadow. So far only a few of them have gotten into there.
Day before we had put some cows inside the corrals and were leaving to go finish the log house we were painting. About to pull out of the driveway I said look there is our black fox. Sure enough I could almost step on the little fella. (it might have been a little gal) He is most definitely black to look straight onto but as he turns his side to you one sees why the black fox is also the silver fox. What a beautiful coat in this very deep dark silver. The underhairs are black.
Back to the rain t
hat is ever so gently falling. Our little pond mostly dried up and now we have to make our pump work and the hoses reach from a drilled well. It will take some water to water the garden and not sure how long it will take for the well to recover. We are very thankful for some rain as the garden was pretty dry yesterday when I was down working in it.
I am so excited to say we have tomatoes! Little green tomatoes. (in the greenhouse that is) Dennis is pruning my jungle of tomato plants. Some are chest high. It is so fun. And the green peppers are getting flowers on them. Woo woo
Yesterday when I was almost finished working for the day in the garden I saw something coming down the bank on the far side of a pasture fence. There was a young coyote just lightly springing down the hill. I love watching how they walk. So quiet and light. He came across the small end of the pasture through the fence and to the old original cabins. Poking his nose in the one an
d sort of looking at the one with the roof caved in. He still didn't see me standing in the garden watching. The cabins didn't look to interesting to him so he started to the garden and got almost to the gate when he stopped and our eyes met. I softly spoke to him ~ What do you want here?~~Standing very still looking at me he said ~~I want to eat you up! Haha no he didn't speak at all! I told him you can go away now for there is nothing here in my garden for you. He made a couple steps forward. I told him go now. He turned and sprinted a little ways away when I told him the dogs will see you you better run. He looked over his shoulder but was not in a very big hurry to leave. Finally I said in a louder voice~ go~ and he did go back up the hill. I do not mind him hunting for mice or rats in the old cabins but we are not far there from the chicken coop. Now the chickens I do not want to share with him or her.
It is getting on here so had better get a few things done. I am so excited that we can go to town today and actually buy groceries. It has been quite awhile since we
have bought groceries. At least in any sizable quantity.

The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart:
and a good report maketh the bones fat.
Proverbs 15:30

May Jesus sparkle your day

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