Saturday, February 28, 2009

Clouds and February 28th

Hooray we have clouds and it is the end of February!! I am hoping and praying that March will come in like a lion and go out like a lamb~~not sure one should put much faith in old time wive's tales but I still cling to this one. And here we have clouds what a blessing that is! The temperature has gone from so cold at minus 37 up to only -17 this morning and already it is minus 13 so warming. With the clouds there comes the odd snowflake slowly sifting its way to the ground.We have about three feet of snow~~my thought is that if March will come in like a lion we will get storms with snow or cold rains but the temperatures will warm up which ultimately means the snow and ice will blow away, wash away, and melt away reveling the earth. Mud would be a welcomed sight believe me.
I do enjoy the picturesque scenery right out my windows and doors~~no complaints there. My mind is getting anxious to play in the mud and see water running down the river again. The colour green on more than just snow-covered evergreens. Mosquitoes and blackflies~~and doing things in the ground. Like planting seeds~~It would be nice to get going on the pig pens and chicken coop needs to be set up for new chicks~~Just plain being outside without the extra 50 pounds of clothing. It has been a lond cold winter this year and although we rarely ever get icestorms like back east or down in the southern states we do get snow and ice and way low temperatures and this year the snow was here starting in October. So bring on the LION have us some good storms and maybe just maybe the going out like a lamb means the sunshine will shine and the water from melting snows will flow and the mud will show itself bringing with it the man-eating bugs!!

Where there is no vision,
the people perish...
Proverbs 29:18

God Bless you
with a wonderful week-end

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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I was glad to hear from you. The weather here has been very springlike (temperatures in the 60's) for the past few weeks and I have a lot of flowers coming up and some of the trees already have buds on them. However, it seems March is coming in like a lion because we have snow in the forecast for tomorrow. I would be very surprised if we got anything except for a few flurries but we have gotten snow this time of year in the past. I would love to have a few days of snow.... I bought vegetable seeds last night to start my seedlings in the greenhouse for my garden. I can hardly wait for spring to get here so I can get my garden started and more work done outside. Like you, I am getting anxious for spring. I hope you have a great week with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures.