Monday, February 9, 2009

If it is at all possible the world is even whiter this morning than yesterday. More new beautiful white sparkly fresh snow covers our world. Our world that had just had the trails shovelled. So the aerobic arm muscle work out is on the agenda for me this morning. Cups of tea to booster my energy level. Have some breakfast quickly and do my bible study lesson and out the door I go. HI HO HI HO to shovel snow HI HO HI HO HI HO!!
I love how there is always always something to do. Talking about things to do I actually
did figure out how to do a log cabin quilt square. Cool cool. And I finished reading my grandson's book "Eragon" now he can have it back so he can draw the cover dragon. Dragons are pretty cool. He does a really nice job of them. He likes to trace them and then finishes them up. Very nice.
Even in our snow-covered world the last couple of days we have had company from two different ranches. Some from down the road and some from up the road. What a special blessing that has been. They are all Christians too. The ones up the road from us even actually occasionally make it into town to the same church we go to if we go to town for church. They were dairy farmers from back east and are now learning to be beef ranchers. They are totally blown away with the difference between beef cattle and dairy cattle. Can't get over how the cattle here will stand around eating weeds and bark off of trees when their milk cows wouldn't even touch their water if there was some stray grain or grass floating on top of it. And the vastness of this country is something else they are trying to wrap their heads around. Thousands of acres is a lot bigger than 200 acres!!
All in all it has been a blessing and soon as the LORD blesses us with some gas money maybe we will get to do some visiting ourselves.
Meanwhile back at this ranch ~~Dennis has built me a fine set of "rustic" video shelves. It is so nice to get them out of boxes and the boxes out of here. We have a huge box of videos we are just going to take to town and trade.
Purrsha one of our cats has herself a very comfy bed on top of my sewing that is in a pile on top of our kitchen table. Hmmm! I guess I had better get that old Home Management Binder out and blow the dust off it and start reading again about how to keep house ~~I am sure there is a page in there a
bout how to keep the top of thine table clear and cat beds are on a different page~~
My meat supply is down to pork and more pork, a beef heart, and two old chicken
s. I am tiring of pork so have to decide if I want the menu today to include beef heart or stewing chickens. Still have potatoes and rice etc. So no problem there just decisions and menu planning so that we do not have to eat the same thing day in and day out before there is some way provided for us to get some different meat. I really miss the reserve at times like this. I do not remember missing meat back home there. Always there was something whether it was game or beef or of course lots of salmon. Oh well so much for Egypt~~there is no cucumbers and garlic growing here either.

How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!
If I should count them, they are more in number
than the sand:
when I awake, I am still with thee.
Psalm 139:17 &18

Praying your day is full of adventures
even the ordinary adventures of life.


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I would love to see some beautiful snow. We have been having spring like weather with the temperatures in the upper 60's. I also did some shoveling today but it was mulch instead of snow. I cleaned the leaves out of some of my flower beds and replaced some mulch that had either decomposed or was washed away from all the rain that we've had. I hope you had a wonderful day.


Sharon said...

I'm sorry I haven't been here to read lately. I got down with a virus this past week.

I missed your blog.

Your writing is always something that inspires me and tickles my imagination with visions of the cabin, your life, your home.

I hope you get more of some different meat soon. I know how that is. Sometimes we get down to too much chicken and not enough beef or pork. Mainly because the chicken is cheaper for us.

Have a blessed evening,