Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The LOOOng Month

The north wind sweeps down around us over the hay fields down on towards the river. Taking with it the snow in wispy clouds off of the barn roof. Swirling white clouds rise up off the fields and off the river's mini icebergs. Fine snow sifts down from the grey sky filling in the porches. Many times having been pushed back with a broom. Only to fill in again.
A huge eagle drops down onto a branch outside my window. He balances himsel
f there looking around with his keen eyes picking out the remains of the cow carcass.Before he decides to move on, the wind hits his branch almost upsetting him. He is really too big for the branch in this storm. Lifting himself and swooping down he skims across the ground over to the little log shed where little chickadees are feasting and cheeky whiskey jacks are sitting in a tree about to take their turn on the bones hanging from the eaves for them. Even a little sapsucker is there pecking away on the fat on a rib. Eagle takes it all in and disappears. He will be back one day not too far in the future. It is his habit to stop by ever so often.
I have made turkey soup from scratch for our meals today as neither one of us are super hungry and on a day like this soup and homemade biscuits seem to be just right.
I took out some wild blueberries from the freezer and cooked them up in to pie filling and made a batch of tarts out of them.
A friend gave me lard she had rendered down and had a surplus of. Beautiful lard so I made pastry out of some. I have lots so we can have bannocks anytime we want too. I love bannocks.
Our bible study has actually progressed to the 2nd chapter of 1 Peter. Kay Arthur's bible studies are definitely not light. But they are enlightening for sure.

With snow swirling and whirling and temperatures dropping steadily I will go off and do something for the evening like my dishes. Need to look like a dedicated housekeeper as you just never know when someone just may drop by. It has been some days since we have seen any other humans. But best to "be prepared" isn't that the old Brownie Motto?
Another day of this so-called shortest month is drawing to an end.

When a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong;
when he is cheerful, everything seems right!
Proverbs 15:15

Praying February isn't getting you down
Look up
God Bless

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