Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is Wednesday!

So this is Wednesday. The temperature is warming up to -20 this morning! Praise the LORD! I have the fire stoked the highway truck has just gone by. Which it does four days a week at about this time each of those four days. Just clear and cold but not as chilly as it has been.
Yesterday I made the bread~~I make eight loaves in a batch. I also got a good start on the next quilt. I am not by any means a professional quilter just a self tau
ght one. And still struggle with lots of the things to do with quilting but figure grandchildren are so appreciative and not very critical. It is good they do not know what to look for to know if it was a good job or not.
Good ego booster for me if they just like it and use it. Which so far they all have.
I followed one of the many moose trails yesterday on snowshoes. That was fun. Even w
hen Sassy pup stepped on my one snowshoe and sent me flying into the snow. It took a bit to get untangled and get up as I was dumb enough to go out with out a walking stick so after a few tries of breaking through the snow( more like swimming in the snow) I finally got myself untangled enough that I could get my feet pointed back in the right direction. Both pointing forward at the same time and using the old tummy muscles pulled myself up into a standing position. Sort of like a big sit up but stand up you can not use your arms as you just break through the snow and your feet are on top and besides the dogs look at you real funny like~~what on earth is she doing this time???~~
Oh well I did make it back home and got my wood chopped and came in for tea.

Today will be more of the same so to speak. I have my bible study which we are still working on in 1 Peter, still chapter one. Kay Arthur analyzes the books she is teaching on so much. But it is good~~I am not sure how many times I have read chapter 1 now. Each time something new comes to light so guess even though it sounds boring if one is still learning it is worth the work.
Then there is house work of course. Today I should make some kind of cookies for when people drop in. Believe it or not even out here people drop in almos
t always unexpectedly and it is nice to offer something with their coffee or tea. I am thinking of peanut butter cookies and chocolate chip cookies as I haven't made these good old standbys for awhile. I had made a big batch of sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. Well between the family that was here all week-end and different people that dropped by on their way here or there. They are gone gone gone.
So with that in mind and washing up some fabric so I can cut out a shirt for my husband my day is pretty well summed up. The fabric is heavy grey denim. I make a heavy workshirt for him out of it. These shirts are so great and last a long long time. I use heavier snaps on them with the help of a son that usually puts them in for me as I have this nasty habit of making bit holes ~~not sure why I do that but now I just take them to him and he puts them on his little anvil and puts them in. Works for me. His wife is good at it too and she show
s me everytime and I just keep giving it to them to do. I am an old dog who doesn't want to learn that new trick hahahaha

The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart:
and a good report maketh the bones fat.
Proverbs 15:30

Hoping all of you have fat bones today
God Bless


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I hope you have a nice day:)


Linda said...

Roxy I sure laughed at your description of your tumble with your snow shoes! I remember trying to master those things, in snow up to my waist! Once you're out a certain distance, you're definitely commited to moving one way or another! Alas, my hopes of being an Olympic snowshoer ( is that a word) were dashed the first day! haha