Thursday, March 5, 2009

the family at our youngest daughters wedding summer 2007

Under clear skies with the morning temperature at -19 I let the dogs out. They tear out the door in hot pursuit of whatever they imagined was out there to be in hot pursuit of. Yesterday morning three of the dogs, yes three of them, slept on the front porch as a little red fox tiptoed up to them and stood there wondering if this was his lucky day. There were left over cow bones not far from the porch. Sassy, the youngest lifted her head and then the whole works of them came to life running after this fox with the beautiful tail. They ran down the trail hot on his black tipped red tail. Quick as lightning the little fox leaped about nine feet of to the left into the deep snows. The three dogs kept tearing down the main trail running for all they were worth to catch that little rascal. He gave them the slip and they were mystified! It actually was quite funny. We watched him hunt mice in the snow as he worked his way back towards the house. Finally deciding to leave and go hunt somewhere else.
A true blue March storm hit us yesterday. At times with white out conditions and at times as clam as calm can be only to start up all over again. One raven came in and stayed all day tugging and pulling at the one cowhide that is hanging over the rail fence. I took him out a tin pieplate full of peanuts which he eyed suspiciously and doing the funny little walk hop thing that ravens like to do when the "watchdogs" spotted him. I think they thought since they had been embarrassed by the little red fox they were going to prove what good watchdogs they were. Poor raven flapped up into t anearby aspen tree. sitting on a branch he safely surveyed the whole scene for quite some time before attempting to come down and check this plate out again. I only wish you could have come and watched him with us. It was really quite the performance. As he hopped over to the blackened burnt old stump that I had sat the pie plate on. Then he would flap himself up just above the stump and kind of take a quick peak and then back down to the snow again. He did this quite a few times and then decided to go back to the the hide on the fence. There he stayed pulling and tugging at it for the rest of the afternoon. Storming storms did not deter him. The plate was abandoned as just a little to scary especially after the watchdog incident. The life at Blackwater River Ranch.
We were invited to go to Punchaw House church with our pastor from out here on Monday evening. That was a very fun time. Punchaw is a little ranching area about two hours back into the bush from us. The lady said she is 100 miles from either one of the closest bigger centres to buy her groceries or hospitals etc. All by back roads.
She told us of her work with children in 4H clubs and her sheep and goats. The cattle they raised
the wolves she snared and the trapping she had done over the years. The service was good the songs we sang were sweet and the fellowship was wonderful.
Today is a day of great plans for the things I hope to accomplish. I have been fighting with sewing machines so may just give up on them for a day or two. Spend my time doing other worthwhile endeavours. I am never at a loss for things to do sometimes I am at a loss as to which thing I should focus on and do.
As the sunshine beams itself over the crusted snow and the dogs now back in and camped around the wood heater I will take myself off and see what I really do get accomplished this day that the LORD hath made.

Blessed is the one that feareth the LORD;
that walketh in his ways.
For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands:
happy shalt thou be,
and it shall be well with thee. Psalm 128:1-2

May the sun shine in your lives this day
God Bless

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Linda said...

Roxie you have such a BEAUTIFUL family! You should be very proud of them! And they're all wonderful people too! Aren't grandchildren the jewels of our crowns? (our crowns of grey hair haha) I love the stories of the critters that show up at your place! I wondered how your weather is, it being so cold, windy and snowy here. Wonder if all this cold will FINALLY kill all the pine beetles? Too little too late I suppose. Have a WONDERFUL sunny Sunday!!