Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Season is it Anyways?

Woke up at 4a.m. to snow!! And it is still snowing~~it is now after 6a.m.
Our one son and girlfriend are on their way up to visit us and help to build a pig-pen. Will have to pray the rest of the week has better weather kind of hard to work in this yukky stuff.I think the weather report is for nicer weather over the next few days. This is just a reminder that God is Sovereign and He will pick the weather. I think it also makes us appreciate the sunny, warm weather when it comes! Even with the bugs it brings!!
Had a good visit with friends yesterday ~~Victoria Day. That was a nice way to spend a cold rainy day. Our greenhouse is holing up fine with all this c
old weather. That little barrel heater is just an awesome heater. We hardly have to stoke it. Put wood in it and it lasts for hours. Many hours. Praise the LORD for that!
All our extra dogs and the two budgies seem to be enjoying their stay here at the "Holiday Inn" LOL! That is good. Only one dog fight broke out between the two fixed males. But it was not too bad and neither of them got hurt. Although the old guy got a little stiffer but he seems to be okay otherwise.
Am really looking forward to this week and getting the pig pen built. Then we have to pray for the ability to buy the pigs oh and being able to feed them too would be good. Hungry pigs are not the pleasantest animals to have arou
Prayerfully we can get electric fencing around the bottom and the top of the fenicing. Keep the pigs in and the bears out!
We have quite a few bears this year of all different sizes. They are pretty hungry too. This has been a long winter for them. Seems like we see a lot of sows with triplets and twins. Last summer was just an awesome berry year. Must have been good for these girls!
But anyways we have to make a "quick" trip into town and get some kind of grub into the larder before our company comes. They like to eat too.
So I am off to do up some chores and get ready make the trip into town. Praying the roads won't be too slippery.

There are many plans in a man's heart,
Nevertheless the LORD's counsel,
that will stand
Proverbs 19:21

Praying in the snow

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Lisa said...

Hey Roxanne,

Ya'll be careful on your slippery trek to town!

Yeah, I hope the snow will not get in the way of the pen building.

Yikes! Bears?
I always wondered if they were a bother?
They won't hurt/eat the pigs will they?
I was surprised when I heard that bears were becoming a bother just about 2 hours away from us...going north east...close to the Arkansas border...getting into peoples trash and that sort of thing.

Have a good time with your kids.