Monday, May 4, 2009

Church?~~I'd be There if I had some Underwear

Well you know some of the strangest things happen when you aren't home. Take for instance church meeting yesterday evening: all of us were comfortably sitting in the Pastor's living room, everyone in a mellow congenial mood. Watching the Pastor's youngest daughter starting the fire in their little wood heater. Someone mentions bob and I pipe up with "where is Bob?" Hilda is sitting next to me and in her quiet, heavy, Carrier accent, with a funny smile on her face said oh he's not coming tonight~~ OOH why not ~~she looks around the room and up at the ceiling well someone broke into his house and stole all his clean clothes and all his clean underwear so he won't come cause he can't wash any of his dirty clothes before church.Imagine they stole his clothes and he isn't even dead yet! (he is a young man by the way in good health just an Indian joke) someone asked if they left his dirty underwear and comments on who would steal Bob's dirty underwear. and so a night of praising the LORD begins everyone thankful they have clean clothes and all feeling sort of sad beneath the giggles for poor Bob!
We are busy here with spring type things. Trying to get another greenhouse built and a gate or fix the gate that needs fixing desperately. Hauling dirt and made a raised bed for strawberry plants. The usual everyday chores. Things like that.
Our river is really rising. That means the snow up high is starting to melt too.
I have some sewing to do yet today too.
We have some hamburger which is a BIG treat for us. My plan is to make a meatloaf for supper this evening. Mashed potatoes and peas (I only have a can of canned peas but I guess it will just have to do) Nothing left in our larder for a salad and I didn't start any sprouts so there aren't even those to eat as a salad. I can make pickles be the salad though and all will be great!
I have all these celery plants coming up that need to be transplanted and just discovered you can just freeze them chopped up and thrown into a bag although the recommended way is to chop them and lay them out on a cookie sheet. They will be soft when thawed but are good in soups, stews, chilis and so on.
I need to go work on cleaning out a couple of my kitchen cupboards now tha I am inside. They have stuff spilled in them.

but grow in the grace and knowledge of
our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.
To Him be the glory both now and forever.
2 Peter 3:18

In Christian Love Roxanne


Lisa said...

i got a big laugh out of this one! love the underwear story!

and, i just had strawberries at lunch.

wish i were close enough to get some of your celery plants!

have a good day!

Linda said...

oh Roxy, I loved this, I needed a smile! I told hubby " Ha! Now I have another excuse not to go to church!" and he rolled his eyes at me . haha! I freeze leftover celery and celery leaves all the time. I stuff them in a baggie and save for soup day. I freeze all sorts of " bits" of things. They give their lives for the soup and you can scoop and strain them out.