Monday, May 25, 2009

No Frost, No Snow, Fluffy clouds, Sunshine & above ZERO

After all the frosty and snowy mornings we have had lately this morning is the mellow, above zero morning! We decided last night not to light a fire in the greenhouse and see how the plants in there will do. I just went out and checked them and all are standing nice and tall and none are showing signs of shock from no heat. PTL!!
The plan for the day here is to make some meals and bread to take with us as we head to some friends' ranch about 45 minutes from us. We will be staying the night so we can
help sort bulls and cows and move cattle out to their range. Here at home we have to get the gate built for the new pig pen and my husband wants to fill in a some gaps in the logs so piggies can't escape.
I have transpla
nting to do too, today. I seem to work well under pressure.LOL! At least the laundry is caught up for the time being. It is hard to keep on top of it when one has to fight with the drainage system that almost doesn't exist. Glad we have an outhouse and the bathtub gets numerous scrubbings as the washer water comes up into their. Very interesting when our son was here helping with the building of the pig pen. He brought his laundry with him. He is a heavy-duty mechanic by trade and does lots of work with horses and cows(bulls). My bathtub smelled like oil!! And had this oily black film in it. Gross it did come out with some elbow grease. Elbow grease seems to cut machine grease at least at times. LOL The one grandson came out with his dad at one point and had his birthday supper with us.He stayed for a couple of nights too so that was really special. He had a blast here no boring moments that is for sure and we have a few less dead trees as he chopped them down with the hatchet I let him use.
Yesterday our daughter-in-law and family came bringing the childrens' friend with them. They didn't stay very long unfortunately but did have supper with us. Here is hoping the day will come soon when they can stay longer. But it is the same with us when we go to their place there is always these other things that have to be done and little time to do it in. Now that the weather is warming up though we should have a little more freedom to go some place a little longer and not have to worry about the fires going out. With the daylight lasting so long we don't have to worry too much about driving in the dark. Just have to maintain that awake at the wheel thing!
These dogs are wanting out and I have a Bible study lesson to finish up. The last one for this season until sometime in the fall. It has been a good study on 1 & 2 Peter and Jude. Talk about relevant for this day and age.

The LORD make his face shine
upon thee,
and be gracious
unto thee:
Numbers 6:25

Blessings in the LORD
to all of you

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pam said...

Glad your weather is starting to turn around.

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