Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dogs, Cats, and Birds

Dogs dot my living room. One old doggie on his pillow groaning always but having a good morning nap. One just came in from checking out the ranch and I guess it is still here. Three just made it out to see if the first one outside really did her job right.
One of the new to us kitties (fair size kitty) came to the door. Friendly fellow Not sure where the other one is but not too far away I am sure.
Horses standing with their faces buried in the round bale as the geese and the sandhill cranes graze in the hay-meadow. Humming birds humming at their feeder. When one steps outside the air rings with the sounds of many different birds singing their morning tunes. I love it!
The two budgie birds we are babysitting are still sleeping in their cage. Our cats haven't even realized they are here yet. I have them hanging on a hook in the kitchen.
Kind of a dampish morning here and a little chilly but no frost or ice this morning except on the river!
Sometimes I think it strange that folks can come out this way and they will say what do you do all day waaaay out here~~ The day here is so full of life especially this time of the year. And as for what we do all day~~it would be nice to have more hours to do what we do all day! And it is still light out here until between 9:30 and 10 pm. The morning light starts around 4a.m. so we have lots of daylight this time of the year to do what we do waaaaay out here. Love that~~
A rundown of a loosely organized schedule here is morning starts at 5 a.m. which I spend some time on this while drinking my morning tea. Then breakfast, make bed, do some quick tidying and Bible study lesson. Then out to do fencing for a few hours back up to the house to do the Bible study lesson over the phone (we live too far apart to go to each others homes) after that it is a couple hours of housework, baking, sewing, cleaning, and lunch and supper preps. When I finish that it is out to the greenhouse and into the wider outdoors working on the gardens and getting things organized to build a pigpen with my husband. We have one of our sons coming up soon to help build it so really what we are doing is clearing and getting the logs and rails together for the housing and fencing. Walking around the meadow with the dogs usually happens sometime in the later afternoon. They come with us in the morning when fencing too. Suppertime comes after which we carry on with some indoor projects or outdoor projects. It is sort of a "free time" when we work on what ever is needing our attention or something we want to do. Sometimes we even put on a video. By 9 or 10 pm I check my emails and a few things like that. Do a quick bit of evening chores like stoking greenhouse fire and the woodheater in the house for the night. Putting away things that need to be put away, some quick tidying, making sure the dogs have water and everyone is in bed (inside for the night) we have wolves and coyotes so don't usually leave the dogs out through the night especially when in heat. Then off to bed~~sweet dreams ~~Morning comes and the whole process starts all over again but always with some new adventure thrown in for interest. God is good!
That about sums up our day(s)!

A merry heart
makes a cheerful countenance,...
Proverbs 15:13

Bunches of Joy to you
Love Roxanne


Linda said...

Hey girl, you inspire me!! I am looking forward to doing some sewing this week ( I have about six dozen sewing projects I want to start!) Been busy sorting and throwing out stuff and sendingsometo the thrift store. I've been pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying this! Sending sunshine your way!

Lisa said...

How wonderful. It sounds so peaceful. I can just imagine the sounds around you.
I forget that at 10p.m. it's still light out.
Talk to ya later...