Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simply Saturday and a Bear Story

Once upon a real time there was some neighbours who have sheep. They have cattle and horses too. One morning about midmorning the lady of the house, who by the way was home alone, could hear her sheep blaaaating away. Like a dutiful overseer and lover of her sheep she went out to see what they were all about making such a racket out there. Hmmm she thought where is my ram? So off she ventures following the sound of his blaaaating. Pushing open brush and looking here and there. Over to the next spot and pushing back the brush is face to face with a bear. He has the ram. He does not want to share and he is coming at her.Carefully backing up and maiking tracks for the house off she goes. Makes a quick phone call to her husband who is a long ways away at an auction. He calmly tells her to take the 22 and shoot at it but not to hit it. Good advice one thinks scare the boogers away. Well it might work for boogers but not so for this hungry bear. Back up to the house and call a neighbour who is some distance away. He comes but a very poor shot and bear comes at him. OOPs not at all what was the master plan so back up to the house to call another neighbour even further away. He comesthe bear getting rather annoyed by this time at constantly being interrupted at his dining comes at this friend. This friend is thinking enough of this nonsense. The End!
Here today the sun is shining the weather is quite warm. Below zero at 5 a.m. but now it is really warm. The greenhouse woodheater is going wi
th its newly made chimney. And the plants are in there. The cosmos went into shock a bit as they have not been that cold before so hoping they recover. All the seedlings were taking over my little kitchen up until now. The hope today is to get more done in the line of transplanting.
I do have to do some cleaning like behind and under my stove and fridge and clean out the big drawer that the flour is stored in. I can do that later.
Making tote bags is another thing on my agenda as I have an order for five of them and I do not know how much to charge for them. Thinking I will just double the cost of the materials sounds fair to me anyways.

The rich and the poor have this
in common,
The LORD is the maker of them all.
Proverbs 22:2

Have a Simply Wonderful Saturday

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