Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wide Awake and Bushy-tailed

Waking to a very cool bedroom with only a few very lazy mosquitoes trying desperately to find a warm place to land, I arise. My husband still cozied up under the warmth of the bedding I slip out into the coolness careful to not step on one of the sleeping dogs or to disturb one of the sleeping cats on our bed. Taking in the sweet smell of the fresh cool air with the scent of river and leaves and grasses.
The geese are talking to each other but not in their usual loud voice. Little birds are waking and twittering about. But even they are in a whisper. There is just som
ething special about the early morning before the sunrises above the horizon. I LOVE it!
So far today I have been out to check the piggies, the dogs following me, we went out for a walk then down and stood in the hay-meadow just close enough to the sandhill cranes to not chase them off. They made their loud grrraaaakking song while the Canada Geese stopped their grazing for a few moments to take us in! Everyone must have decided we were not a threat and went back to their grazing. Breakfast is out of the way and the day lies before me. ~~
There is a chicken coop to prepare for some neighbours chickens that we are goin
g to care for until they can get a coop built and they will give us a dozen of these hens.Not too bad a deal if you ask me. We do not know the age or the condition of them so it will all be a surprise sometime next week.
I also have bread to make and one of our daughters is here so there will be visiting plus her going through her belongings to decide what she needs stored and what she doesn't want stored.
Lots of watering to do. Greenhouse work to do in my wee little greenhouse. Now that I have quite a few plants out of there I think I can move around enough to organize it. At least a little.
I would love to find my crochet hook that is the only one of the size I need to finish a sweater I am working on for one of our grandaughters. It is probably right in front of my nose but for some reason I cannot see it. Drives me crazzzy!
There is a couple of shirts that I must get to someday soon here not sure how much I can squeeze into my day. But nonetheless the shirts have got to get done. One is a birthday present for a friend's husband and seeing as I am using her sewing machine I should actually be conscientious enough to get it done. The other one I would like to have done for Father's Day.
In the meantime I am sporting brand-new running shoes. From Wal-Ma
rt but hey they are foot coverings and seeing as my old ones fell apart while chasing cows maybe it was time for new ones. It is sure nice to have new shoes ~~

But if we walk in the light,
As he is in the light,
we have fellowship one with another,
and the blood of Jesus Christ his
Son cleanseth us from all sin.
1 John 1:7

Walking off into the day
God Bless all of you

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