Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life's Little Details

This morning I went out around five-thirty and checked on our new to us chickens. Late last night I had to take all of them from their corner they had crammed themselves into and put them on the beautiful roosts my husband had made for them previous to their arrival. I do not know if roosts are a new thing to them or if they were just feeling a little disoriented from moving to here. Nonetheless there they were still "roosting" on the roosts! The sun had been up for awhile. They are not very pretty looking as they are molting but their legs look good with no mites or scales and other ugly things that chicken types seem to get. Our next question is ~~Will they lay their eggs in the nest-boxes? hmmmm Dennis just came in and it is after seven he said there is still two sitting on the roosts. UUUhhmmm How do you get off these things again?? haha Oh and I am wondering if I should do like the gal in England and knit the poor little things each a sweater. My one daughter-in-law's mother loves to knit(well at least she knits alot so I believe she loves it) anyways maybe I could employ her. she could knit some of the seaters and I could send her and egg or two in a cushioned box of some sort and post them to her.
In the meantime I have bread to make today. It was a good day to pick to stay home and work here with all the rain we had last night and so wet in the bush. The bugs even at 5:30 this morning practically packed you away. So there is the bread to make and things to sort out and put away. I found a crochet hook so now I can finish up the very colourful little crochete
d sweater I was making for one of our grandaughters. Work on an afghan sometime today (probably evening) I would like to locate a missing shirt pattern and cut out a couple of shirts. Somehow the pattern that is used so often is evading being found.
We have company coming for supper this evening too. Some dear friends bringing o
ut their feed for the piggies and staying for a visit.
Our gar
den won't get worked on today most likely but seeing as we are taking a few days off to get caught up here it will get worked on soon. a friend gave us 35 lbs. of seed potatoes to plant but we are not sure we should plant them as they are very scabby and apparently that is not good. We have looked up the potato scab and found out it can be a deficiency of various sorts or a disease. We know some people that have a big potato farm so we will ask them what their advice would be.
In all life's little details there is lettuce coming up in the little raised bed we built next to the house. Pigs are growing, growing! Cats are catching mice. Dogs are not sure what to think of the chickens. The sun is peering through the clouds. The aspen trees are doing their shivering aspen thing. Which I have loved all my life. (when I was very young ~~I was once very young!~~ I used to call the aspen trees "silver dollar trees!" my dad loved that but he told me what they were really called) I wonder how many remembe
r silver dollars? I guess that gives a hint to my age! LOL
Thinking of aspen trees I wonder what causes the very interesting white patterns on the trees down by the village. Most of them have them and it makes the green leaves look chalky. So far it is not on our aspens but I am going to take time to look a few of them over to see. Our pastor friend thinks it is a bug that does it. Just what this country needs is another bug to kill off trees.
Sassy, one of the dogs just came back from the pasture closest to the house with a bone in her mouth. She is pretty pleased with herself. Time for me to take my bones into the kitchen and start some bread and have some breakfast all those kinds of morning things ~~

Praise the LORD;

for the LORD is good:
sing praises unto his name;
for it is pleasant.
Psalm 135:3

the LORD bless you

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