Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Ode to Dear Pepsi

We have an old dear friend ~~she is part border collie, part Newfoundland, and half Lassie collie (not sure what they are called) My husband got her for himself one day many years ago in the cold month of January. She was a shy pup of about 3 or 5 months when we first got her. I cannot remember for sure now. Scared of her own shadow. Eventually she settled into the family and has been a part of our lives for a long time now.
Over the years she helped my husband with cattle which she was pretty good at. Had a hate for coyotes and loved to put the run on them. Played well with her doggie family. Loved the children and I think even without knowing it was a big part of their lives just being there.
Pepsi had many litters of pups over the years. Being very prolific. At times her batches reached proportions of fourteen live puppies! There was a time she got distemper and I looked after her and pulled her through it even though there was a couple of times we almost gave up and put her down. She recovered on whatever homemade medicines I put in her and through her. The batch of pups though I could not save. She has been a close friend and dear underfoot friend. One that has slept under our bed for a long time groaning and uuuummm passing gas bad enough to make us choke. Didn't bother her though.
These last few years we have watched her having a harder and harder time getting up and down. Getting cataracts and having a hard time seeing. Not the best of hearing left. Sometimes having bowel control problems.But when I go for a walk she would be out there trying her best to keep up with me and the younger dogs. A few encouraging words to her and she would speed up for a few moments.
Always happy to see us come home if we went somewhere. Loved to bark and go greet folks that came down our driveway. We have a fairly long driveway.Yesterday she did her usual with the younger dogs running ahead of her to greet some dear friends who were coming to deliver some pig food. Now the dogs love to crisscross in front of the vehicle as you are driving down the driveway. All happiness with their tails wagging up in the air. Old Pepsi would try so hard to be a young dog too. But with her stiffness she is very slow moving and that was her demise. Our poor friends didn't see her as she tried to crisscross in front of their truck. They did not even feel a bump as they ran over that poor old dog. There was no hope for her as the tires went right over her middle I think it was a pretty instant death. Our friends were so upset But we told them we knew her time was coming and we had almost done the same thing to her more than once It is just that we knew she can't move and they did not.Today we will bury her. And say our final good-byes to a long time old friend. Our dear old Pepsi(doodle)

My help cometh from the LORD,
which made heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:2

May your day be full of blessings

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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I am so sorry to hear about Pepsi. We lost our family dog 3 years ago. Her name was Hilda, and she was a Boxer Bulldog. We didn't name her, the people we bought her from had named her and we kept it because she was a year old when we bought her; she was already familiar with her name and registered. She was part of our family for many years. The last year she could barely get around and had lost her teeth. We were having to feed her soft food. She was suffering and we were knew it but still it was hard to think about losing her. We finally came to the decision to end her suffering and have her put down. But thank goodness before we could do it, I went out to feed her one morning and found she had passed away in her sleep. Despite our decision to put her down, I was still upset when I called my husband, who was at work close by, and the kids who lived next door. They all came and said their final goodbye before my husband buried her. We were all upset but we knew Hilda was better off and not suffering anymore. It is never easy to say good bye to a long time friend no matter if they are human or animal. Thanks for the post and once again I am sorry about you losing your old friend Pepsi.