Friday, June 26, 2009

Frosty Friday Morning

The frost lies on the truck windows and all the flat surfaces and two of the dogs romp around through it. Just loving their morning. Me too as I scrambled barefoot through the remains of our woodpile looking for the perfect couple of pieces of wood to keep the fire going just a little longer. I don't want to chop any wood right now and I do find a couple pieces of wood that will suit my immediate needs. One with a little pitch in it and a poplar round. That is sort of like drinking orange juice and eating cheese. The juice for the energy and the cheese for the staying power. The pitch for the "energy" and the poplar for the "staying power". It will keep things warmish as the sun warms up here.
There are so many things on my mind this morning. I am still in shock and disbelief over the sudden death of a very d
ear sweet lady from our church fellowship in town. So loved by her husband and family and really so loved by anyone who knew her. My heart and prayers are with them.
Yesterday as I was checking on my happy hens for eggs I watched for the umteenth time the sandhill cranes as they glided in to the haymeadow. There is something so confident and peaceful and graceful in them. After they land they are intent on fulfilling their purpose for landing as they graze always moving forward. Sometimes one will stand and make the sandhill crane
call.It will fill the world and then they go back to moving and grazing.
Fixing fence has been our prime entertainment and occupation these days. The ranch is fenced on the p
erimeters with snake fencing and the cross fencing is post and rail. the river ice has a bad habit lately of wiping out the fence along the bank. We are trying very hard not to share the haymeadow with cows that come in off the range looking for a sweet, easy life.Yesterday morning we had 15 cows and calves at our gate. Oh was I glad that gate was closed. We quickly got ready to herd them back out to the range when an old cow headed up the hill. Slowly meandering her way up then another one and another one and soon the whole herd of them headed back up the hill. That was the easiest "cowboying" we have ever done!! :)
The cows are great at finding breaks in the fences and making themselves right at home here.
I have spent some time inside because of all the rain and have managed to straighten out my sewing area. I want to do some super duper organizing there so this is t
he first step in many more steps to that goal.
With the morning summer breezes rustling the aspen leaves my thoughts turn naturally to the coming day and our grandchildren that will be spending the week-end here. That will be fun and interesting for sure. These little munchkins are absolutely full of life and "ideas". My concern is the youngest one that has just been weaned for three weeks. When he discovers his mama is not here I am not sure how well he is going to take to that idea. Will he think I am a blessing in place of the mama he wants. Oh Yikes! Unfortunately for me I have no fairyland fantasies of how sweet a one year old is when he wants his mama! My prayers are he will be just fine and between gran
pa and myself and the older siblings he will just go merrily about his days and his nights. Today we will go to a big family summer celebration put on by a family from the fellowship in town. That will occupy everyone and by the time we leave there they will fall asleep on the way out here. Maybe be too tired to protest when we get here.
In the meantime back at the ranch I have things to do to be ready for all of this. Probably would be good to make the first move and behoove mineselfes from mine chair and begin doing the things that need doing. Chickens to feed and dogs and cats to feed and water (don't forget the grouchy rabbit that growls and jumps and you when you attempt to feed her) My husband is feedint the piggies and I also have to water the greenhouse which is doing great! It is getting jungle like in there.
We still have not finished planting our garden but hopeful for this coming week as maybe just maybe it won't be raining too much. Oh have we gotten the rain. Impressive thunder and lightning storms too.
It is real nice to have a sunny morning even with the frost. It is not a heavy duty frost.

Blessed is everyone that feareth the LORD;
that walketh in his ways.
For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands:
happy shalt thou be,
and it shall be well with thee.
Psalm 128:1 & 2

Off to Get
ready to go away to a party with
a bunch of grandchildren
God Bless You and Yours

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