Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Blessings

After a restless night I awoke to a glorious morning! Still tired but enjoying the early dawn I made my usual pot of tea and sat at the computer for a bit.
Now the day is nearing time for supper so I will have to get that together real soon here. In the meantime I am taking a break and sipping a cup of milk while I ponder the ingredients of my supper. A little hamburger that was scramble fried for the two pizzas I made yesterday for our son's coming home party. I have a little sauce left over and enough
of this and that to make us a pizza here and a salad I thought about some soup but not sure yet if I will do that.
My husband found the ranch weed whacker so h
ooray we can cut some of the grass down. That might help to slow the mosquito population a little. The breeze today has been good for keeping them at bay.
My green house is looking all organized again. Hip hip hooray for that. The little raised garden beds are watered and the greenhouse. I have the sprink
ler going on the dried up grasses hoping and praying that it will make them come back to life in the colour green! :)
A friend of ours that lives on a ranch about 45 minutes from us(depending which driveway you use, it is a very big ranch) had a forest fire burning about 2 km west of them. That is a little too close for comfort. This country isn't usually this hot and dry for this long of spells. With all the dead pine trees it is a real threat to have a forest fire no matter how small it could quickly become out of control. It is a topic of discussion all over our part of the Cariboo. I don't know enough about the weather cycles to be able to tell you if this is a cycle or part of global warming that so many of us do NOT believe in. How do you believe in global warming when the spring is as cold as winter? Not only is it cold it takes forever to become warmish. Then just when you think winter is behind you and you are starting to wear less clothes the Sears catalogue comes out with the latest WINTER fashions. GRRRR ~~LOL I refuse to look at it at all until at least September.
In the meantime I WILL enjoy the short few months of no mitts, scarves, snowpants, sn
owboots, toques, longjohns~~etc.
I love just love to be eaten alive by blackflies, mosquitoes, horseflies, deerflies, gnats, sandflies, and no-see-ums! I think there is getting to be a taste of
sarcasm here so better move onto a different subject.
It was so good to spend time with so many of our family members and dear friends yesterday. The grandchildren and friends got along so well ~~if there was any crying at all it was from some little one that had fallen not from fighting. Pr
etty good for the herd of children of all different ages that were present.
Anyways sorry about the lack of literary creativity here this late afternoon. Just a quiet day of getting things done before going back to wood cutting tomorrow. I am not sure if we will be finished the firewood tomorrow or by Tuesday but am secretly hoping it will be done tomorrow!

Have mercy upon me,
O God,
according to thy lovingkindness:
according unto the multitude of thy tender
mercies blot out my transgressions.
Psalm 51:1

Enjoying the day and praying
you are too!

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Linda said...

It occurred to me today that I have done a lot of work lately in cleaning winter coats, hats etc, and putting them in garment bags to hang up for next winter, and tucking the winter stuff into bins. I happily hauled out my summer stuff,including my beloved colletion of flip flops. And in just over two months I'm sure I'll be bringing those coats out, tucking away tank tops and shorts and hauling out the long johns and boots. Summer doesn't seem to be a season so much now, more like an interlude and a fun time for the various flying creatures who torment us! Which means my carefully shaved my legs and put sparkling tangerine nail polish on my toes but the only thing most people will notice are the bites all over my legs. haha,

Love your posts!!