Monday, March 30, 2009

Grey Morning,Sunny Heart!

Looking out my window by the computer is a very grey morning with snow sifting down. Yesterday morning was -17 this morning is -4 with snow. It is not the most inviting or inspiring weather. More I am thinking of all the things I can do inside and how long I can avoid going outside.
The dogs have been out for over an hour. All of them that is except the old old girl, Pepsi. She is avoiding going out too. Poor old thing. She will have to go out soo
n though whether she likes it or not. She is losing control of her body functions now so we have to keep a close eye on her. She will still come over for her good morning pets and nudge you for more and more attention. At night when you are snuggling into bed under the covers she will come along and nudge the blankets until she finds you and you give her her hug good-night. Otherwise she lays beside the bed moaning till you pay attention to her!
Between being sick and have issues with our internet connection I have not been very loyal lately to my little blog here. I think mostly I can say I have been s
ick. Our cheque did finally come in but not by mail like they told us. Direct deposit~~Okay that is good except we live a long ways from town and we only get mail here twice a week plus we were very low on gas so there was no travelling anywhere without the knowledge of the said cheque so we could get home again. We had enough gas if there was an emergency and we needed to go to town say like see a doctor we could but we would have had an interesting time of it trying to get home again~~jiggety jig!
I was well enough this week-end to make it to two different home potlucks. The one on Saturday was held at a nearby ranch. The people there are Christians ~~some of the people in this spread out area are Seventh Day Adventists~~they are friends with the folks at the nearby ranch plus the other folk
s on the main ranch are part of this group. They wanted us for ages to come out to their once a month meeting. Finally we did make it. Now all our differing doctrines aside I will say that we had probably one of the best sermons we have heard in a very long time. Actually from the bible and well done. It was on the Parable in Luke 15. Although it seems like three or four parables it is really all about the lost and the found.
Last night was our regular home-fellowship potluck at the home of the Pastor and wife(who is also a Pastor). That too was good. We are working through tragic lives and how God is our helper. The ministry of these fine folks is mostly to the Carrier Nation so there are a lot of issues the people are dealing with. The abuse and neglect from Residential Schools and the subseq
uent drinking drug abuse issues and all kinds of other personal issues. I will give an example of some of the elders experiences: First off being ripped from the arms of their loved ones and herded like animals and taken to an area some hours from their home. Told not to speak in their own tongue any longer and lined up at 5-7 years old and told by the NUNs that God made a mistake when He made you Indian and we are here to correct that mistake! Hmmm interesting. Can you imagine the devastation to a young child a statement like that would make?
Frying leftover potatoes and eggs is on my menu for breakfast. I am thinking of soup for lunch and have perhaps enough meatloaf leftover from last night to use fo
r supper and make a salad and vegies to compliment it.
I feel truly well enough this morning that I am really praying I can get to sewing that would be so good.

But the LORD is faithful,
who will establish you and
guard you from the evil one.
2 Thessalonians 3:3

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Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Glad to hear from you. I am also glad that you are feeling better. I have been having problems with my sinuses and not feeling very well. The pollen count here is very high and not good for those like myself who have allergies. However, I am happy to see spring arrive anyway. Take care and I will be looking forward to hearing from you again.