Friday, March 20, 2009

It is SPRING!!

our youngest daughter and a cousin many moons ago

Can you believe it after this long winter spring has arrived. It snowed most of yesterday off and on.Which I managed even though still getting sick with fevers, terrible headaches, and won't go into gross details, I swept away snow and put ice on the walkways. Late in the afternoon I went for a little walk about down the driveway and back. There were some kind of bugs crawling all over the top of the snow. My husband and I do not know what they were (are). Not pine beetles too big for that and too big for snow fleas. Even with the snowfall yesterday the wind was warm.
I am so e
xcited to be going in to town today. It has been a long time. dennis thinks it has been over a month since I was last in town. I cannot remember for sure at this moment.
It will be good to buy groceries. I really wonder how many people understand how exciting that can be. We will be able to have vegetables and fruit. Some friends came out to visit us last week and they brought out some fruit. Oh boy we devoured that pretty quickly. Of course there are some bills to pay on. But we can get the sandpaper we need and the dust masks we need to get some things done here. we will have gasoline so will be able to make a trip to our one son's place and pick up our little barrel heaters to set up in the chicken coop when it is cleaned out(dust masks needed) and one in the green house. Get some seeds too. I have an appointment to see the Naturopath and see if he can fi
gure out why I can't get over whatever it is I have.
One of our sons was here last week-end for overnight bringing with him some venison so that has been a nice change from eating pork. Pork and bear meat i lik
e but both of those meats one does not really like to eat day in and day out. At least not this "one".
So with lists in hand and chores done we will head off to town this morning.I am looking
forward to spending a little bit visiting our grandchildren not too far from town. Our youngest grandson is walking now. I can hardly believe that. Time goes so quickly.he will soon be a year old. YIKES!
Here at the ranch chores have been our focus. Making a set of bookshelves out of old ugly boards found left here. With sanding and painting they have made a real nice , albeit rustic, set of bookshelves.
We have
had wolves moaning to each other at midnight. Just their low (a photo of a large wolf print notice the depth)haunting moans. Different from their howling. Coyotes yipping and yapping and coming in by the house. You know they are getting hungry when they come in and tug away on old hides over the rail fence. Winter has been long here and cold. The ravens I have been feeding mew at the house if I don't get some kind of scraps out for them by afternoon.I will pick them up some peanuts today. They are really getting friendly and come in when I call them.The fox still comes around and the dogs still chase it off and it still outfoxes them. They are still baffled at that! Too funny. Moose still come in and are coming quite close to the house. I think the wolves might have something to do with that. Plus there are lots of willows for them to eat on.
I need to go over my wardrobe and pick out some kind of going to town clothes and matching earrings(LOL) Something that doesn't look to worn out at least. Go have a shower. Get breakfast and chores out of the way here. Check my
lists and then we will load up the truck with garbage for the garbage run and take my Nellie dog. She chases coyotes too much and if we are not home to call her back I am afraid they will kill her.

My help cometh from the LORD,
which made heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:2

Have a great SPRING day!
God Bless


Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I am glad you are getting to go into town today. My husband and I go each Friday and I look forward to it all week. I can only imagine after a month how excited I would be. Have fun and enjoy your visit to town and with your grandchildren. I know you will. I hope you have a wonderful and warm weekend.


Sharon said...

Hi Roxanne :)
We went to town today too, did the grocery shopping and bought a couple of rose bushes and tomato seeds. We only go out once a month ourselves so I can totally relate to what you're talking about.

I'm like you, very happy to see spring arrive with some more pleasant temps.

You have me wondering what kind of bug that could've been running around on top of the snow. I can't say I've ever seen anything like that before.

That's an adorable picture of your daughter and nephew you shared.

I hope you had a wonderful day out town and visiting your grandchildren.