Saturday, January 23, 2010


By early afternoon we had most of the chores done so strapping on the snowshoes and Dennis grabbing the huge sled we headed out back to check out some of the abandoned vehicles.Three dogs and one cat came with us a sort of "family" outing.The sun shone down on the crusted shiny snow. Even the shadows cast by the numerous trees seemed well defined and bright. We trudged along, one of the dogs and I ahead breaking trail. Poor Nellie doggie was falling through the snow crust up to her back. It didn't take long for her to tire of her snow swimming. She sat on her haunches looking up at me with eyes that said, "What on this snowy earth are we doing here where there is no trail?" Dear Dennis dragging the sled passed us giving us a nice trail to follow along on. Happily we followed his lead. The dogs occasionally stepping on the back of my snowshoes almost making me fall. The cat tiptoeing through the snow sometimes in a hurry, sometimes crying out for mercy. His toes were getting cold. He really could have stayed home but he wanted to come! On and on through the crusted snow we went. Our hearts pounding from the exertion of packing our winter boots and snowshoes and the weight of snow. We are so very in shape that that had to be the reason for our hearts pounding in our ears as we climbed a hill. (okay those who know us stop laughing) The sled being pulled by Dennis once again after our little stop to umm ~~you know let the cat and dogs catch up~~I realize there is something different about the sled. There to my wondering eyes is the cat sitting in the sled as pleased as punch watching the snow crusted earth slip out from under him from his new perch, as he skimmed by on the sled. He had had enough of this snowshoeing frozen tootsie situation. There really is more than one way to snowshoe!

Where there is no vision,
the people perish...
Proverbs 29:18

May your trails be untroublesome
God Bless


Linda said...

Haha smart kitty!! I hope your weather stays sunny!! In one of our jaunts on the old property we walked by one of the abandoned vehicles we inherited and low and behold a slim tree trunk had grown right through a hole in the the car parts under the open hood ( previous owner had removed engine) with fresh green leaves sprouting on it. We had ourselves a good chuckle and I told James " Well that's it then - its no longer an abandoned car. It's now a habitat!"

Naise said...

The cat knows what the dogs don't, the best way to find comfort in any situation!!!
That story was great!
Thanks for dropping by and saying 'hello'.