Monday, January 25, 2010

Rural Country Living

I never really know what to call our area~~are we rural~are we country~are we bushed~are we hillbillies? I really do not know.
In my humble opinion we don't live in the city or town or village so that would make us rural right?
We have dogs, cats, chickens, a couple old horses on the place and cows when they are here on their way to or back from the range. That must mean we are countr
y, right? There is no nearby neighbours for a couple miles one way and over 8 miles the other way so that might mean we are bushed. But we are the last ones on the power line so we can't be that bushed and we do have a telephone and internet even if it is dial up. We have a fairly well maintained dirt road goes passed us even though we rarely see traffic on it. Once in awhile someone goes up it or down it. We are surrounded by trees, and snow and ice on the river. There are moose in our stack-yard where the big round bales of hay are stored. It is well fenced to keep the animals such as cows, and horses out of it. The moose are easily jumping the fences even with the snow being about knee deep on me. We love to watch the eagles and the foxes come by for a visit and do things like steal the dog's goat rib cages they were gnawing on. The coyotes yip and yap through the night and cross the hay meadow on their way to some other destination unknown to me. Bears in the right season cross the haymeadow on their way to fish in the river. Deer bound through the deep grass of the meadow too. Wolves can be heard on occasion moaning not too far from our bedroom window These are our main visitors. There are folks that come by for a coffee now and then. They too have similar homes homes none of us think of ourselves as bushed unless we haven't been to town for a couple of months or when we see tv commercials and realize how out of touch we really are. I mean none of us have hair that shine and flows back into place gracefully after swooshing our heads from side to side. Or think broccoli is more of a miracle than eight babies! Oh my ~~ And then there is the light airy febreeze smelling house when most of us have houses that smell of baking, or dogs or cows or all of the preceding smells! And I know with a certainty that we are NOT hillbillies cause they live in the deep south or something like that and we live in the north so that is a great difference right there. But live here we do~~ love it here ~we do!
Not too worried about whether we are considered rural or bushed or country or what but we do have a nice cozy fire going and the coffee pot is hanging around on the stove ready to pour out a cup for those who stop by as they travel around visiting or looking for cows or horses somewhere out there. There is usually some kind of food that we can rustle together for those who stop in even if it is homemade soup and biscuits or cougar meat. It is a good life and like one fella visiting us said," good thing so many folks live in the city we get all this to ourselves." Your welcome to stop in iffen your on your way somewhere or back from somewhere and going by the ranch here. If we have fallen off our snowshoes on a trail somewhere in the back part of the ranch then you can come in and heat up the coffee and we will join you when we get here...

Thou hast dealt well with thy servant,
according unto thy word.
Psalm 119:65

Looking forward to seeing you
God Bless

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Linda said...

Well you're not a hillbilly because you don't have your own still.haha! You're not a bush monkey cuz Canada doesn't have monkeys. Guess you've got to be a Canadian redneck.

Sorry to hear about the crick in your neck. If that got me up at 5 am I'd be pretty ticked. You'd definitely have to ply me with strong coffee. I have a couple favorite mugs too. One is a travel mug with a weighted bottom, with a happy face on it. I love that mug so much that when it finally broke I searched the thrift stores for another one just like it! lol And darned if I didn't find one!

On another topic, the snowshoeing thing. You should carry a small bag of firemaking stuff, so if you fall and can't get up, you can't send out smoke signals for help. Haha I'm so clever in the wee hours..